Bob Saget weighs a Louis C.K. return

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Bob Saget was a guest on Watch What Happens Live, and the comedian was asked by Andy Cohen if he thought Louis C.K., who’s admitted to multiple acts of sexual misconduct, would return to the public eye. Saget, who is a friend of C.K.’s, said, “He knows he’s done a terrible thing — It’s a terrible, terrible, terrible thing, but I think he’s brilliant.”

Saget went on to say that if C.K. did enough soul-searching and changed his life, and if the public would allow for his return, Saget would like to think there would be forgiveness for him.

Earlier in November, after the New York Times published an article detailing claims about his misconduct, C.K. issued a statement on Twitter confirming the allegations. FX and HBO quickly ended their relationships with him.

The Fuller House star added that Louis C.K.’s actions were a “giant violation” and that he “needs help.”

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