The Bob’s Burgers Movie review – a spin-off to relish

·1 min read

The animated TV sitcom gets a movie spin-off, in which Bob and his family struggle to save their burger restaurant from the twin threats of a recalled bank loan and a giant sinkhole that opens directly in front of the door to the premises. The business suffers a further blow when it’s revealed that the hole contains the remains of a murdered fairground employee.

But this brief plot synopsis can barely scratch the surface of the elliptical weirdness and bone-dry humour of this immensely enjoyable film. Fans will eat it up (with relish and fries); older kids will adore the oddball humour. And even cinemagoers who have never seen an episode of the TV series (me, for example) are likely to find much to amuse them, provided they have a tolerance for extreme silliness.

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