BMW Applies to Trademark 'iM3' Name

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BMW Applies to Trademark 'iM3' NameBMW

BMW is electrifying its lineup, and the nomenclature for its EVs is very simple. The electric 5 Series, for example, is simply the i5. Eventually, BMW will release an electric M3, and it should follow the same naming scheme. As CarBuzz uncovered, BMW recently applied to trademark the name "iM3" in Germany.

While it was (and is) possible for BMW to use a name like i3 M, mirroring the naming strategy for its high-performance SUVs, iM3 seems like the most likely candidate. Of course in English, iM3 is said as "I am three," but this sort of thing may not be an issue for BMW. After all, it did sell a car called the i8.

BMW M has made no secret about its push into electrification. (And note that while BMW sells cars like the i4 M50, that's not a full-on M Car, but rather, an M Performance model.) Last year, M CEO Frank Van Meel told Road & Track "I think there is no alternative to going electric. The only question is when."

Last summer, BMW made an announcement about M's development of a four-motor powertrain, which it's testing in an i4 M50 (pictured above). It's likely this powertrain will end up in the electric M3, a car that will likely ride on the brand's new Neue Klasse platform.

BMW hasn't said when the electric M3 will arrive, or for that matter, when a new, electric 3 Series will go on sale. Figure at least another couple of years, but don't be surprised if the electric M3 wears this iM3 moniker.

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