New BMW 5-Series Wagons Are Some of the Best-Looking Modern BMW Cars on the Road

2025 bmw 5 series touring
This Is Europe's New 5-Series and i5 TouringBMW

The new five-door BMW 5-Series and its electric i5 equivalent were unveiled Tuesday, but unfortunately, they will not reach American shores. The new 5-Series is arriving as a plug-in hybrid and an EV in Europe, but the U.S. market is not getting BMW's mid-sized wagon in any of those forms any time soon.

As you might expect, both the 5-Series and i5 touring look like the current 5-Series sedan with a massive cargo area. That means BMW has thankfully retained a reasonably-sized set of kidney grilles, sticking with an earlier choice to keep the two distinct styles of oversized grille in the brand's current rotation off this particular car. The resulting wagon is one of the better-looking modern BMW products on any road, and 60 cubic feet of cargo room with the rear seats folded down guarantees that it is one of the more useful luxury cars available too.

2025 bmw 5 series touring

The electric i5 Touring is available with both a 340 hp single-motor setup and a 601 hp dual-motor option. A plug-in hybrid is the only gas-powered option in the U.K., offering 299 hp. The fastest all-electric model has a range of 277 to 314 miles on the generous European WLTP testing cycle, but the slower rear-wheel drive model with a range of 300 to 348 miles on the same cycle might be the one to get.

Unfortunately, a BMW spokesperson confirmed the automaker has no plans to sell the 5-Series or i5 wagon in the U.S. market. That means the 601-hp i5 M60 will not be coming to American roads any time soon, but the brand may be more generous with the five-door M5 it teased in December. A report from BMWBlog in October suggests that the fastest 5-Series wagon may be coming stateside, ready to do battle with Audi's RS6 Avant in a small market of super-wagons in the near future.

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