Blue Origin: Jeff Bezos unveils plans for commercial space station

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Artist’s illustration shows the core module of Orbital Reef (BLUE ORIGIN/AFP via Getty Images)
Artist’s illustration shows the core module of Orbital Reef (BLUE ORIGIN/AFP via Getty Images)

Jeff Bezos-owned Blue Origin has announced plans to create a business park in space.

Bosses aim to launch the commercial spacecraft, named Orbital Reef, between 2025 and 2030.

The venture will be used as a mixed business park offering enough space for 10 people and “exotic hospitality” for space tourists.

It follows Blue Origin’s successful debut space tourism flight in July, with Bezos and three others aboard.

The billionaire Amazon founder set off on the 11-minute flight from Texas, alongside his brother Mark, astronaut Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen.

Blue Origin said it will become the premier mixed-use space station in low Earth orbit for research, commerce and tourism.

“The station will open the next chapter of human space exploration and development by facilitating the growth of a vibrant ecosystem and business model for the future,” it added.

 (BLUE ORIGIN/AFP via Getty Images)
(BLUE ORIGIN/AFP via Getty Images)

Possible customers include space agencies and high-tech groups, countries without their own space programme and media and travel companies.

Sierra Space is the company’s primary partner for the station with the team also including Boeing, Genesis Engineering, Redwire and Space.

“Seasoned space agencies, high-tech consortia, sovereign nations without space programs, media and travel companies, funded entrepreneurs and sponsored inventors, and future-minded investors all have a place on Orbital Reef,” the companies said in a statement.

The 32-000 sq ft station would include a space hotel as well as offering the ideal spot for filmmaking in microgravity or carrying out cutting-edge research, Blue Origin said.

Sierra in April announced plans to offer the first free-flying commercial space station.

Earlier this month, Star Trek actor William Shatner, 90, became the oldest person in space aboard a rocketship flown by Blue Origin.

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