Blue Jays still control their fate after disappointing first half

Based on pre-season expectations, the Blue Jays did not expect to be 14.5 games back on the division leading Yankees at the halfway mark of the MLB season. However, series against the Red Sox and Rays will define Toronto's season in the second half.

Video Transcript

JULIA KREUZ: The all-star game is behind us, which means that things are about to get real interesting in the MLB regular season. It's time to look at where the Blue Jays stand at the halfway point.

I guess it could be worse, but based on the World Series expectations that the Blue Jays had to start the season, it most certainly could be better. Toronto is currently at 50 wins, third in the American League East behind the juggernaut Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays, occupying the third wild card spot in the American League. The good news is that there seems to be some momentum going the Blue Jays' way right now. Their month of July had been disastrous until John Schneider took over as interim manager.

They have gone 4 and 1 since then. They had a large contingent at the all-star game in LA, which could bring some energy as well to these players and to this squad as a whole. Now, we know that the Blue Jays are far from fixed. There are still many areas that need to be addressed if they want to go deep in a postseason run, as was their plan starting the season.

These areas are namely the bullpen, starting rotation, and bench depth. But for now, it seems like there's at least a jolt of energy to start the second half of this season. The Blue Jays will open the second half of this season at Fenway Park for a three-game series against the Red Sox, one that could prove crucial as the Red Sox are really close to the Blue Jays in the standings and have been throughout the year.

There are also 11 games against the Tampa Bay Rays, currently second place in the American League East. And so that should give the Blue Jays to somewhat control their own fate in the coming months. All said, I do believe that the Blue Jays have both the tools and the potential to right the ship in the coming months.

Now, catching up with the Yankees for the AL East lead would be a miracle. But it is true what they say-- if you're in the postseason, you've got a chance to win it all so. Maybe that's what this team should be focusing on in the coming months.