'Blue Bloods' Fans Flip After Seeing Bridget Moynahan's Latest Instagram About the Show

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There are so many things to love about Blue Bloods. From the dramatic encounters on the street and family dynamics while on the job to potential love interests and enduring best friendships, the procedural cop drama continues to draw viewers in. As much as we enjoy tuning into all of those things, however, nothing is more entertaining — or more wholesome — than the Reagan family dinners. And, as of Wednesday, January 26, there have been 250 of them.

Although there have only been 246 episodes of Blue Bloods as of Friday, January 21, Bridget Moynahan (who plays Erin Reagan) revealed that the show is celebrating 250 family dinner scenes (some of which have yet to air) — with specially baked cupcakes, of course.

Bridget isn’t the only one celebrating the milestone though. Fellow Blue Bloods actress Marisa Ramirez (who plays Maria Baez) also took a beat to honor all the hard work that's gone into the series.

“When two weeks turned into nine years for me… Happy 250th episode [Blue Bloods] How did I get so lucky?!” she captioned a photo on Instagram. “Congrats to everyone who has been a part of making this show a success!! Don’t know where I would be without my bestie [Donnie Wahlberg].”

Fans are also making it known just how grateful they are for these relatable generational table scenes. “Family dinner is my favorite,” one fan exclaimed in the comments section of Bridget’s celebratory Instagram post. “Wow!!!! Congrats! Cheers to 250 more dinners with The Reagans,” someone else commented.“What I wouldn’t give to be at any of those dinners! Congratulations! All the love for Blue Bloods,” another fan wrote.

And as for the general consensus? Fans are hoping for many, many more Friday nights with the Reagans.

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