Watch a 25-minute abridged version of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ [updated]

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[Second update: The video can now be seen here]

[Update: The video has been taken down from Vimeo, but you can watch trailers and clips of the movie here]

There's a tendency among modern movie marketers to give too much away. Trailers and clips intended to promote the film to audiences can often spoil major plot points or reveal cool moments that would be better experienced within the context of the film. In the case of Sony's superhero reboot "The Amazing Spider-Man," these marketers have been working overtime, blanketing television and the internet with clips, teasers, and exclusive trailer after exclusive trailer.

All that material really adds up, as one intrepid Vimeo user has demonstrated with their latest project. As discovered by Rope of Silicon, user sleepyskunk has taken most, if not all, of the promotional and behind-the-scenes footage from "The Amazing Spider-Man" that is currently available online, and edited it together into what basically amounts to a 25-minute abridged approximation of the full film. Assembled from trailers, TV spots, clips, b-roll, and on-set footage — all material that the studio has made available — sleepyskunk has given viewers a very good idea of what to expect from "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Viewers will have to wait until July 3rd to see just how closely this fan-made (and decidedly shorter) version of the film resembles the finished product. Granted the studio probably never thought that all this disparate promotional footage would be edited together and presented in such a way, but seeing it like this really gives you an idea of just how much of a movie is already out of the bag before a release.

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If sleepyskunk's video is indeed representative of the final film, then audiences are probably in for a treat. Many industry watchers have pegged the Marc Webb ("500 Days of Summer)-directed movie as the underdog superhero film of the year, with the likes of "The Avengers" and "The Dark Knight Rises" stealing the majority of the summer hype. Despite this status though, the Hollywood Reporter reports that the film is still on track to have a huge opening weekend. Sure, the video could all be part of some elaborate viral marketing campaign by Sony, but whether it's fan or studio made, seeing what amounts to nearly a quarter of "The Amazing Spider-Man" is bound to get audiences more excited about the film.