University of Chicago receives mysterious package addressed to Indiana Jones

University of Chicago Admissions/Tumblr

We're pretty sure this isn't some elaborate piece of viral marketing for the next "Indiana Jones" movie, though Disney hasn't really said much about the whip-wielding, fedora-wearing archaeologist since acquiring LucasFilm last month. So, we guess anything is possible.

A few days ago, the University of Chicago's admissions department received a very strange package in the mail, one covered with apparently vintage Egyptian stamps and addressed to one Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr. If that name sounds at all familiar, it's probably because you know him better by his nickname: Indiana Jones.

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U of C's staff apparently thought nothing of the package at first, until one of their student workers recognized the intrepid archaeologists name and brought it to their attention. Upon opening the package, the admissions office discovered an array of items, including fake money, post cards, photos (of Indy's main squeeze Marion Ravenwood), and an elaborate replica of Abner Ravenwood's journal from Dr. Jones' first big-screen adventure, "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Though never seen in the films, Ravenwood was Jones's mentor and just so happened to be a professor at the University of Chicago. Sadly, the headpiece for the Staff of Ra wasn't included, so the university won't be laying their paws on the Ark of the Covenant any time soon. It's probably for the best.

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University officials say they have no idea where the movie-themed package may have originated from or who exactly created the highly authentic replica journal, but they're keen on finding out. The school has put out a call on their official Tumblr blog for anyone with information about the mysterious delivery.