TIFF 2014: What the Stars Think of Toronto

Hollywood's stars have been coming in and out Toronto in droves for the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. And even though they have spent time at fests in Cannes, Venice and Sundance, many celebrities can't wait to hit Toronto each September. Here's a rundown of what Tinseltown's celebs have said about the T Dot during this year's festival:

Jake Gyllenhaal

In town to promote "Nightcrawler," Jake Gyllenhaal (who recently filmed "Enemy" in Toronto) admitted he prefers to stay in his bed when he's in the city. “I really love sleeping here,” he said. “There’s a really warm nature to the people here, and to the city. Whenever I’ve worked here, whenever I’ve stayed here, it just feels kind of warm, you know?”

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson's rescue dog, Bear, has clearly seen a lot of Toronto -- he is the reason RPattz loves the city so much. "I love walking my dog here," he said on the "Maps to the Stars" red carpet. "There's so many great places, it's such a dog-friendly city. It's such a different place in the summertime, everything's great. And then in the winter, I don't think I saw a single person on the street."

Julianne Moore

Pattinson's fellow "Maps" star Julianne Moore was even more effusive about Canada, having worked with David Cronenberg, Atom Egoyan and Don McKellar. “I consider myself practically Canadian now,” she said. “I’ve had such an amazing experience in the Canadian film business with all the great actors here and all the great filmmakers." After talking with filmmaker husband Bart Feundlich about the Canadian film scene, Moore claimed he said, "Hey, maybe we should live in Toronto."

Adam Sandler

He may have been promoting "The Cobbler" at TIFF, but Adam Sandler has been in Toronto a lot longer than that. While filming his upcoming movie, "Pixels," over the past three months, he has been enjoying the city. “I loved it here, man,” Sandler said. “I had the best time. It was crazy. We had the most comfortable time — everybody! It was the best. Everywhere we went — the aquarium, museums, dinners, parks — everything was amazing!”

Benedict Cumberbatch

The "Imitation Game" star lamented the fact that he couldn't spend more time exploring the city, since he only had four days here during the fest, which were crammed with press engagements. “Can we do the f---ing interview on the lake?” he asked during one interview, adding, "I would love to genuinely experience a bit more of your fine country and Toronto itself and the film festival."

Bill Murray

Though the eponymous star of Bill Murray Day didn't have much to say about Toronto itself, he did have a few comments about our mayor. After hearing Rob Ford was in second place in the polls, Murray said, "Well, he's still got a shot at it. You know, sometimes, St. Paul was a tough guy for a long time and he turned out OK. I hope the best for Rob Ford."

Robert Downey Jr.

Before the opening night premiere of his film, "The Judge," Robert Downey Jr. complained about being late. “This has to do with the infrastructure of your city,” he said. “I’m going to set up a zip-line system!” But asked to elaborate, the actor merely added, "I’m here to celebrate 'The Judge' and generally kick off this amazing week of just cinema. So I have no complaints about Toronto.”

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