‘Spring Breakers’ trailer: Selena Gomez and James Franco show their true colours

Gomez, Franco, and their other scantily-clad costars in 'Spring Breakers.' (Muse Entertainment)

No one knew quite what to expect when controversial filmmaker Harmony Korine (“Gummo,” “Trash Humpers”) hired squeaky-clean newcomers Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson to star in “Spring Breakers” – a film set during the annual American college tradition in which students flock to sunnier climes like Florida or Mexico. The family friendly stars (along with Korine's wife Rachel) play a quartet of bored college girls who rob a fast food joint in order to pay for their spring break trip. The film also features a nearly unrecognizable James Franco as Alien, a corn-rowed, grill-toothed Dirty South rapper who bails the girls out of trouble but then gets them into a whole lot more.

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With nothing but vague plot details and scantily-clad photos of its former Disney cast to go on, most people were just left scratching their heads when they heard about "Spring Breakers." Would the movie be a lighthearted, raunchy comedy suitable for fans of Gomez, Hudgens, and Benson? Or -- in light of Korine's other work -- would it be something a little more sinister? A dark tale about the excesses of American youth, perhaps?

The truth, as Venice and Toronto film festival audiences found out late last summer, is somewhere in between, although the R-rated flick definitely leans in the latter, more subversive direction.

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The rest of the world finally got a glimpse of the titular spring breakers in motion this week with the arrival of two dub step-soaked trailers for the film (which you can see embedded below). With sex, drugs, violence, and language in spades, "Spring Breakers" is in no way intended for young Disney fans. As the trailers below illustrate, Korine's film is a blistering and twisted story about good girls gone very, very bad.

Domestic "Spring Breakers" trailer:

International "Spring Breakers" trailer (WARNING: very not safe for work):

Are you surprised to see Gomez, Hudgens, and Benson in such risqué roles? Will you go see "Spring Breakers" when it is released on March 22?