Paper ‘Prometheus’ video re-creates the original trailer using only construction paper

Will Perkins
Wide Screen
June 5, 2012

Nobody asked for it, but here it is anyway. With the hype surrounding Ridley Scott's sci-fi return "Prometheus" reaching a fever pitch this week, a few fan-made videos and tributes were sure to pop up, but it's doubtful that anyone was expecting something like this.

Filmmaker Travis Betz (aka The Receptionist) lovingly (and painstakingly) re-created the lengthy second theatrical trailer for the film using nothing but construction paper and a camera. Betz's all-paper trailer is "Prometheus" done in "South Park" style, complete with all the terror, goo, and explosions found in the original "coming soon" advertisement. The papercraft versions of actors Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, and Michael Fassbender are hilariously uncanny. See the video for yourself below.

The 74-year-old Scott's work continues to inspire young filmmakers, the creator of this video included. In his trailer's description, Betz cites 1979's "Alien" as a continuing inspiration.

"When I first saw the trailer for 'Prometheus' I knew I wanted to play in that world ... so I did," Betz writes.

Here's hoping that Betz applies his craft and animation skills to re-creating other notable movie trailers.

Check out the real "Prometheus" trailer below for comparison. The flesh-and-blood (and acid?) version of film heads into theatres on June 8.

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