By the numbers: How many people has James Bond killed?

Daniel Craig as James Bond. (United Artists)

British super spy James Bond has certainly gotten a lot of use out of that license to kill over the years. The famed cinematic spy has dispatched all manner of foe in the line of duty, from the lowliest of henchmen to the deadliest of femme fatales, old nemeses out for revenge and super villains bent on world domination. Yes, whether death came to 007's enemies from the barrel of his trusty Walther PPK or from one of Q's many gadgets, Bond has amassed quite a body count in his 50-year movie history.

But just how many people has the "almost-a-gentleman" spy killed in Her Majesty's Secret Service? The Guardian recently published a very detailed breakdown of Bond's body count, which puts the tally at 352 people, all told. That's a lot of grieving super villain industry wives!

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And the killingest Bond of them all (not including Timothy Dalton's near franchise killing turn as the MI6 agent)? Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan's 007 took out 135 baddies during his four-film tenure from 1995 to 2002, while original Bond Sean Connery comes in third with a mere 72 licensed kills (behind Roger Moore, but ahead of current Bond Daniel Craig, Dalton, and one-time 007 George Lazenby). The list does not include Connery's unofficial turn of Bond in 1983's "Never Say Never Again."

However, if hard numbers and bar graphs aren't your thing, then designer Brendan Dawes has put together a nifty little infographic that elegantly charts all of 007's many on-screen kills. (Click the image for full size)

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Dawes' inforgraphic is a nice visual nod to Maurice Binder's extremely memorable title sequence for "Dr. No" (which you can watch below), and an appropriately tidy way of summarizing Bond's dirty line of work. Neither the Guardian's numbers nor Dawes' chart reflects 007's upcoming "Skyfall" body count, but you can likely expect Daniel Craig to up his number when his latest outing as Bond is released on Nov. 9.