How much would it cost to be the Batman?


If Batman and Iron Man have proven anything, it's that being a superhero without superpowers is an expensive venture! Luckily both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are billionaires in their respective comic book universes, so the costs associated with being a masked crime fighter are really quite negligible. What's a few hundred thousand dollars for Bat-equipment when you and your company spend millions a day?

It may be chump change to Wayne, but if you ever wanted to know what the true cost of being Batman is, the folks over at have got you covered. The financial tips site has put together a handy and incredibly comprehensive infographic that calculates the total cost of being Batman, from how much the Batmobile costs to how much Wayne's butler Alfred Pennyworth would make per year.

The infographic's conclusion? Masked vigilantism should definitely be left to the 1 per cent.

According to estimates, the total cost of Batman's outfit, weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and training would be nearly three quarters of a billion dollars. That's $682, 450, 750, to be exact. It's a big chunk of change, but the cost is a drop in the bucket for billionaire Wayne, whom economists have estimated would have a fictional net worth somewhere between $6.5 and $11.6 billion.

Still thinking of becoming a masked avenger? See for yourself how cost-prohibitive being the Caped Crusader would be for the average Joe below.

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