Jared Leto brings a huge beard to TIFF 2012

Wide Screen

There's nothing so-called about that beard.

Jared Leto showed up to the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival looking like Paul Bunyan's long-lost brother. The usually fresh-faced 40-year-old actor kept his hair slicked back and his massive amount of facial hair on display as he posed for portraits for his TIFF film "Artifact," a documentary that Leto produced and directed under the name Batholomew Cubbins. The film revolves around his band 30 Seconds to Mars' lawsuit with their music label.

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That same day, the "My So-Called Life" alum brought his beard along to Much Music's New.Music.Live show and to an interview with Tribute, in which he joked he could play Abraham Lincolm ("I've got the beard!") and seemed to suggest he might return to acting when his facial hair gets "a little bigger" and he's "not so busy with other things."

Leto's no doubt still catching his breath after his band's year-long lawsuit with Virgin. Back in 2008, the label filed a lawsuit against 30 Seconds to Mars after they tried to sign with a new label, arguing that they hadn't produced the three records they were supposed to deliver under contract.

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The case was settled in 2009 after Leto had stated that they could not be bound to the contract because it had lapsed over time. The band later surprised fans by signing once again with Virgin -- this time to their parent label EMI -- though Leto later explained to MTV that they did so because of the "enthusiasm by EMI to address our major concerns."

And just in case Leto sticks with music instead of returning to acting, watch out for him on the Ryerson Theatre red carpet on Friday night for the "Artifact" premiere, which he will attend with older brother (and 30 Seconds to Mars drummer) Shannon.