The implied sexual encounters of James Bond in one handy infographic

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When super agent James Bond isn't saving the world from mad scientists, former spies, or calculating despots, he can most frequently be found in the company of a beautiful woman -- or women, plural. In fact, even when 007 is saving the planet or murdering armies of hapless henchmen, chances are he's probably battling alongside a lady or fighting a femme fatale of some kind. Perhaps both.

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Yes, no matter which actor has portrayed him over the years, Bond's affinity for the opposite sex and his reputation as a lothario have been central to the character. Although 007's fictional attitudes towards women have been softened a bit over time, transforming from an outright chauvinist pig who takes advantage at every opportunity to a comically sexist stereotype himself, James Bond still manages to be a hit with the ladies. But just how many women has Bond bedded in his 50-year history?

See also: George Lazenby: The forgotten James Bond user TinyMaster decided to find out and put the results into a handy infographic — or, as he calls, it a "Nymphographic," reflecting Bond's apparent psychiatric condition.  The graph charts the 53 Bond girls and 75 implied sexual encounters that 007 has engaged in during his 22 film reign as the king of spies. TinyMaster even includes the location of said rendezvous and whether or not 007's companion survived the proceedings.

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Not included in the infographic are Daniel Craig's bedroom exploits in the upcoming Bond film "Skyfall." Does 007 change his womanizing ways in the Sam Mendes-directed action thriller? Having seen the film, we can safely say that Bond is still very much the 007 we know and love.

"Skyfall" hits theatres on Nov. 9.