Gwyneth Paltrow reveals that she gets to suit up for ‘Iron Man 3’

After spending the better part of two-and-a-half movies (“Iron Man” “Iron Man 2,” and “The Avengers”) as basically a damsel in distress, it sounds like Tony Stark's main squeeze Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) might be getting in on the action in the upcoming “Iron Man 3.”

Potential spoilers ahead...

In an interview with Superhero Hype, Paltrow confirmed what many comic book fans had hoped would be the case for “Iron Man 3”: Potts will indeed get to don a suit of Stark’s iconic powered armour in the sequel.

"There were talks of Pepper getting in the suit at the end of 'Iron Man 2,' but Marvel wasn’t ready to do it yet,” Paltrow said. “I know Robert [Downey Jr.] was really interested in having Pepper do more in this movie.”

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Paltrow said that regardless, she probably would have reprised her role as Stark’s love interest anyway, but called the opportunity to wear the superpowered suit a nice change of pace from the usual “buttoned-up” Pepper she’s used to playing. “Getting to do things that were a little bit more fun and different and a little bit more adventurous ... in this movie there’s a whole different experience of her."

The 40-year-old Oscar winner also revealed that, contrary to its heavy duty and nigh-indestructible depiction in the movies, the armour the actors wear is actually "light and perfectly comfortable." Paltrow admitted that the best part of being able to suit up for the film was seeing the reaction of her children. "When my son saw me in the suit, he had the biggest eyes, so it was definitely worth it."

Many fans will no doubt be happy to see Potts in action this time out. Back in 2009, the character assumed the codename Rescue in the comic book pages of "Invincible Iron Man." Rather than punching supervillains in the face, Potts spent most of her time in her own suit of power armour engaged in emergency rescues, disaster relief, and humanitarian efforts. No word on how exactly the supersuited Potts fits into "Iron Man 3," though. From the trailers and various interviews, it's known that Stark spends a large portion of the film sans power armour, so perhaps Potts will need to come to the character's rescue at some point.

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Earlier this month, Marvel producer Kevin Feige teased Potts' dual role in the film. "We play with the convention of the damsel in distress. We are bored by the damsel in distress. But, sometimes we need our hero to be desperate enough in fighting for something other than just his own life. So, there is fun to be had with 'Is Pepper in danger or is Pepper the savior?' over the course of this movie."

"Iron Man 3" blasts into theatres on May 3.