Gorgeous alternate movie poster designs

Wide Screen

If you've noticed a bit of a trend in modern movie poster design, you're not alone: The posters and marketing material coming out of Hollywood these days are pretty predictable and kind of boring. Action movie posters will feature the heroes shadowed against a black background, while comedies often feature stars posing hilariously against a plain white backdrop. It's a standardized and safe approach, one that will let someone looking at a poster know exactly what kind of movie it is without a second thought.

It works, but it's not very interesting.

But fear not, film fans! Boring movie posters are a thing of the past, thanks to a growing contingent of talented artists who have spearheaded the alternate movie poster industry online.

The movement started in earnest a few years ago when Texas-based company Mondo (then mostly a producer of t-shirts and swag) started working with Austin's legendary Alamo Drafthouse cinema to create posters for their cult film screenings and midnight movies. Skilled artists like Ken Taylor and Olly Moss were solicited to create unofficial posters for well-known classics and little-known gems, and the results were incredible.

Some posters were direct and highly stylized interpretations of the films they were representing, while others were beautifully abstract or delightfully simple takes on the subject matter. The huge popularity of these posters eventually spawned a veritable cottage industry, with many artists now using these unofficial posters as a way to get their work out there.

The fine folks over at This Blog Rules (their claim, not ours) are big fans of alternate movie posters, and have assembled a gallery of some of their favourites. Who needs Hollywood one-sheets when these folks are producing posters like this?

We've chosen some of our favourites, but you can check out the full collection of alternate movie posters here. Which one do you like best?