Take the ‘Ghostbusters’ tour of New York City

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There are some movies that you always associate with the city in which they're set. Try picturing "Dirty Harry" without thinking of San Francisco. Imagine "Chinatown" or "Heat" without Los Angeles. "Love Actually" without London? Impossible.

But what about New York City? Sure, there's Woody Allen's "Manhattan" or any number of Martin Scorsese films, but when children of the '80s and '90s think of New York movies, the film that most often comes to mind is probably "Ghostbusters."

Ivan Reitman's 1984 sci-fi comedy starred two of "Saturday Night Live's" finest (Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd) in their comedic primes, as well as former "SCTV"-er and  future "Groundhog Day" director Harold Ramis, the criminally underrated Ernie Hudson, and, of course, the always wonderful Sigourney Weaver. But the real star of the film is the island of Manhattan.

"Ghostbusters" is a wonderful showcase for the Big Apple, even in its semidilapidated 1980s state. From the shining campus of Columbia University in the north to the "demilitarized zone" of TriBeCa in the south, to all the bridges, boulevards, and buildings in between, the film is a love letter to the city from creators Reitman, Ramis, and Aykroyd -- a bunch of Canadians, no less.

The great thing about "Ghostbusters" is that most of the locations used in the film are real places. A fan of the 'busters and paying a visit to NYC soon? You can see the ghoul hunter's base of operations -- still a working firehouse near the former World Trade Center. Go check out the New York Public Library, but watch out for those free-floating, full-torso, vaporous apparitions! Anywhere you step in Manhattan, you're probably a stone's throw from a place featured in the film.

The folks at Bleeding Cool are big fans of "Ghostbusters," too, and recently put their fandom into action. Two of the guys from the site took it upon themselves to visit and document as many of the real-world locations from the movie as possible, all while poorly reenacting famous scenes from the film. These gents aren't talented actors, but their video is a fascinating walking tour of "Ghostbusters" New York. Take a look below.

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