Fox’s ‘Daredevil’ plans go up in smoke

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Comic book superhero Daredevil may be known as "The Man without Fear," but if recent news is true, he also may be a man out of time. With the film rights to the character set to revert to their original owners at Marvel Comics in October, it appears that the clock has run out on 20h Century Fox's plans for a big screen "Daredevil" reboot.

Filmmaker David Slade had been attached to the project, but the "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" director's sudden exit from the project a few weeks ago threw the studio's plans into complete disarray. "The A-Team's" Joe Carnahan tried to swoop in at the last moment, offering Fox a hard-boiled, 1970s-set version of "Daredevil" in the vein of "The Warriors" and "Serpico," but his overtures to the studio appear to have been too little too late. Carnahan took to his Twitter account yesterday to confirm what many had already suspected.

"The Grey" director also cleared up some of the speculation surrounding rumours that Fox had passed outright on his grittier take on the character.

Unless Fox can come up with a director in the next week or so, Carnahan's disappointed tweets likely indicate the final nail in the coffin for Fox's "Daredevil" project. It's now quite probable that the rights to the "Man without Fear" will go back to Disney, parent company of Marvel. There had reportedly been discussions between Fox and Disney about swapping a few Marvel Comics heroes in order to buy some time for the "Daredevil" production, but those supposed talks were debunked by several outlets.

There's some silver lining to all this, though. Carnahan also used Twitter to offer Daredevil fans a look at the sizzle reel he put together for his pitch to Fox. It's a frantically edited mash-up of footage from '70s and '80s crime movies, comic book panels, and the 2003 "Daredevil" movie starring Ben Affleck. The director created two very dark takes on the horned hero, a PG-13 version (which you can see below) and a more violent NC-17 version.

What do you think of Carnahan's down and dirty take? Since it won't be happening at Fox, would you like to see Marvel/Disney do Carnahan's version of "Daredevil?