Film rights sold to Rob Ford biography ‘Crazy Town’

Wide Screen

Anyone who has followed the trials and tribulations of Toronto’s walking train wreck of a mayor knew this day was coming. ‘Rob Ford: The Movie’ is on its way.

Canadian production company Blue Ice Pictures have acquired the film and television rights to author Robyn Doolittle’s new book “Crazy Town.” Doolittle was the Toronto Star reporter who, along with colleague Kevin Donovan, helped break the now-infamous Ford crack smoking video story. Her book examines Rob Ford’s unlikely rise to power, the history of the Ford family, and the events leading up to the ongoing mayoral crisis.

"If you tried to make this story up, people would think it was over the top,” Doolittle said in a statement. “The Rob Ford investigation is something I've been working on for more than two years. It's something I'm obviously very invested in. It's so much more than just a crack video and YouTube clips. I am excited that [Blue Ice Productions] share that sense of it, and am really looking forward to working with them."

Bringing the Rob Ford story to the big screen is an effort close to the hearts of producers Daniel Irons and Lance Samuels.

"This is a story about the city in which I have lived my entire life and has great political, cultural and civic meaning to me.” Iron said in a statement. “Robyn Doolittle's book is a testament to dogged, fearless and exemplary journalism. We are excited to be working with Ms. Doolittle to bring this story to the screen."

It's unknown what capacity Doolittle will be involved in the "Crazy Town" film or if she'll be involved at all, but the project appears to be in very good hands with Blue Ice Pictures. Iron and Samuels’ previous credits include award-winning Canadian films like “Last Night,” The Red Violin, “Away from Her,” “The Bang Bang Club”, as well as the acclaimed HBO miniseries “Generation Kill.”

Whoever is hired as a screenwriter already has a wealth of hilarious, offensive, unbelievable, and downright scary material to draw from. Given the still fluid nature of the situation, it's likely that the producers will wait to see how things play out before production begins on the movie. After all, you can't make a movie without a good ending.

So now that a feature film about the Rob Ford saga is in the pipe only one question remains: Who will play Mayor Ford in the film?

Let us know who you’d like to see play him in the comments.