‘Delivery Man’: Vince Vaughn’s ‘Starbuck’ remake gets a trailer

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Funny man Vince Vaughn will soon be seen making a mockery of tech giant Google in “The Internship.” But after that, the actor is set to take on fatherhood in quite a big way in the upcoming comedy “Delivery Man.”

The film tells the story of a man (Vaughn) who discovers he's fathered more than 500 children due to a sperm bank mix up and sets out to meet them all after a lawsuit threatens to reveal his identity. “Delivery Man” co-stars TV comedy talents Chris Pratt (“Zero Dark Thirty”) and Cobie Smulders (“The Avengers”).

If the “Delivery Man” plot sounds at all familiar, it’s because the film is actually a remake of a Canadian movie. Wait, they remake Canadian movies?! Yes, it happens.

Hollywood has become somewhat notorious over the years for taking popular or critically-acclaimed international films (usually from Europe and Asia), and putting a distinctly American spin on them. Canadian films, on the other hand, have rarely found themselves in the remake crosshairs. The Great White North’s film output is generally English-language and usually a little more adult-oriented in terms of its themes and subject matter -- not exactly what you would call “Hollywood friendly” stuff. But every once in a while, a Canadian movie gets made that attracts the attention of Tinsel Town: a movie like the 2011 Quebec comedy “Starbuck.”

Written and directed by Ken Scott (who also directs the upcoming Vaughn remake), “Starbuck” told the story of David Wozniak (Patrick Huard), a perennial underachiever who learns he is the father of more than 530 children thanks to a fertility clinic SNAFU. Adding to the drama is the fact that David and his girlfriend are expecting their first child together.

With Vaughn a little more toned down than usual in the “Delivery Man” trailer, it’s reasonable to assume that Scott’s remake of his own film will stick close to the comedy/drama tone set by the original. Interestingly, the Hollywood version isn’t even the first time “Starbuck” has been remade. Last year, a Bollywood version titled “Vicky Donor” became a critical and box office smash in India. Apparently movies about unexpected fatherhood strike a bit of a chord around the world.

“Delivery Man” hits Canadian and U.S. theatres on Nov. 22.