‘Blade Runner’ recreated using watercolour paintings

Wide Screen

When fans love a movie enough, there's seemingly no limit to how far they'll go to express appreciation of it. And some people have some very creative ways of expressing that passion.

Take Swedish artist Anders Ramsell, who is painstakingly "paraphrasing" Ridley Scott's cult 1982 film "Blade Runner" using paper and watercolour paints. Calling his work "Blade Runner: Aquarelle Edition," Ramsell just released a 12-minute teaser for his work, consisting of over 3,200 individual paintings set frame-by-frame to audio from the original film.

You can watch Ramsell's extremely striking impressionistic take on "Blade Runner" below.

Actors Harrison Ford and Sean Young have never looked better! While "Prometheus" was a bit of a letdown for many, Sir Ridley Scott's seminal cyberpunk work continues to be an inspiration for artists and creatives to this day.

Ramsell's work isn't the first to pick apart the sci-fi film frame-by-frame to create something new. Several years ago, video artist François Vautier produced a video installation for EXPO 2010 (appropriately held in Shanghai) called "Blade Runner revisited > 3.6 gigapixels," in which all 167,819 frames from Scott's final cut of "Blade Runner" were extracted and assembled into one giant moving image.

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