• A man whose voice is seared into the memories of moviegoers has passed away. Hal Douglas, the gravelly-baritone voice featured in countless film trailers from the 1980s to the 2000s, died on March 7 at the age of 89.

    Though you may not have known his name, Douglas was a superstar voice talent and one of the top narrators in all of Hollywood. From “Lethal Weapon” and “Philadelphia,” to “Forrest Gump,” “Con Air,” “Men in Black,” and even “Meet the Parents,” Douglas’s voice introduced audiences to dozens and dozens of now classic movies. His bassy tones and expert delivery could make even the worst movie sound like it was worth seeing, as was the case with the trailer for 1993’s “Coneheads.”

    Despite his grim-sounding voice, Douglas was able to poke fun at his overly serious profession in the trailer for the 2002 documentary “Comedian” (embedded above), expending about every movie trailer cliché known to man in the silly minute and a half promo. The film's trailer is almost more famous

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  • Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller may be mortal enemies on screen, but their real-life relationship tells a much different tale. Woodley and Teller, who play Tris and Peter in the dystopian blockbuster "Divergent," happen to be best buds off screen.

    The duo first met in 2012 before they started filming the indie romance "The Spectacular Now." According to Woodley, even then she found they had "a nice little flow."

    In the film, Teller plays Sutter, an alcoholic high school senior who falls for Woodley's down-to-earth bookworm character, Amy. They shot in Athens, Georgia, in July 2012, and during that time the pair became close friends.

    "We kind of have a shorthand now," Teller told Vulture earlier this year, explaining, "it’s just very playful."

    But "The Spectacular Now" is spectacularly different from "Divergent," the big screen adaptation of the popular trilogy about a dystopian society in which a girl named Tris discovers she does not belong to the five factions within her community.

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  • Matthew McConaughey Is on the Brink of Making Emmy/Oscar History

    Matthew McConaughey (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)Matthew McConaughey's Oscar-winning month may have set the stage for a history-making awards-show year.

    A week after McConaughey claimed the Best Actor statuette for "Dallas Buyers Club," the 43-year-old star is the consensus pick of early-bird Emmy pundits to take Outstanding Lead Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries for HBO's "True Detective." If the buzz holds, McConaughey will be the first Best Actor Oscar-winner to take home an Emmy in the same year.

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    "True Detective," costarring McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as cops on the trail of a serial killer, wrapped its eight-episode inaugural season on Sunday night before a series-high 3.5 million live TV viewers, HBO reported.

    At the awards-tracking site Gold Derby, three of the four experts weighing in with Emmy picks have McConaughey as the actor to beat in his presumed category ahead of the likes of Harrelson.

    [Related: Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson Talk

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  • Tris Prior and Katniss Everdeen


    Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) of “Divergent” is the latest female protagonist that we have come to adore. She’s shy and nervous, yet she’s also determined and smart -- and in the world of young adult fiction, there’s always room for more strong female characters rising to the occasion.

    But we couldn’t help but notice some similarities between Tris and another popular female lead: the strong-willed Katniss Everdeen of the “Hunger Games” franchise. Both characters struggle with managing family responsibilities, leaving behind their childhood, and learning how to trust and love.

    With so many striking similarities we want to put you to test – who said what… and why? Take our quiz below to see how much of a “Divergent” fan you really are:


    Getty Images

    “If we have little, and want for little, and we are all equal, we envy no one.”

    Who said it? Tris
    Why? While this quote is reminiscent of Katniss and Gale Hawthorne talking about fighting back against the Capitol’s societal control, this is actually a

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  • Theo James and Shailene Woodley in 'Divergent'
    If you haven’t heard of “Divergent" yet, there's a good chance you will soon.

    The first book-turned-movie in the trilogy of novels set in a dystopian future Chicago hits theatres later this month, but it's already generating a lot of buzz -- and some are even saying it could be bigger than "The Hunger Games."

    Last week, the film's lead actors Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Theo James (Four) braved the chilly Canadian weather to walk the red carpet for the film’s Canadian premiere, and Yahoo Canada was there for it all. Here’s six things we learned from the event:

    1) Dauntless has its own fighting technique

    In “Divergent,” a big part of being accepted into the Dauntless faction (Tris’s faction of choice) is physical training – but not just your regular moves.

    “We did a bunch of, sort of, basic physical fitness, and then we did a lot of fight choreography,” 22-year-old Woodley told Yahoo Canada. “Our stunt co-ordinator came up with this new fighting technique which was sort of a mix between

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  • Back To The Future II technology that came true

    By Mark Lankester

    The Internet nearly broke this week when a short film fronted by ‘Back To The Future’ star Christopher Lloyd claimed to have invented the Hoverboard – probably the coolest movie gadget ever. It’s up there with the Lightsaber.

    Sadly, the ad was a spoof. And we’re still years away from the gravity-defying gadget that made us yearn for 2015 – the year the sci-fi sequences in ‘Back to the Future II’ were set.

    [Back To The Future hoverboard promoted by Christopher Lloyd in spoof ad]

    There is some hope for us Futureheads though, with a surprising number of innovations predicted in the film now almost a reality.

    2015 is just nine months away, let’s see the technology of ‘Back To The Future II’ that came true...

    (Credit: Universal Pictures)
    The gadget: Marty’s “power lacing” Nike MAGs
    The reality: After Nike producing a limited look-a-like range in 2011, designer Tinker Hatfield recently announced the company would put out real-life “automatic lacing trainers” in 2015, just in time for the anniversary. We

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  • Jared Leto (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage)
    Jared Leto reckons that Jennifer Lawrence's habit of falling over at public events might all be a big act.

    Lawrence has managed to fall over twice at the Oscars now, once when she was collecting her Best Actress gong last year, and again on the red carpet at this year's event.

    “You know, I'm starting to wonder if this is a bit of an act,” he told Access Hollywood.

    [Jennifer Lawrence not taking a break from acting]

    The rock star-turned-actor made the remarks after J-Law called him and his family out for laughing just before she was about to present him with his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyers Club.

    J-Law... Falls over (again) at the Oscars (Credit: Giphy)

    Lawrence was heard to say' Why are you laughing? What, is this funny? I'm still watching you!' at the time.

    Speaking about it, Leto said: “What [Jennifer] didn't know was that Ellen [DeGeneres] was on the side…making, pantomiming [motions like], 'Don't fall, don't fall!', and my mom and brother are all cracking up.

    [Jennifer Lawrence's best red carpet dresses]

    “I guess we don't have

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  • Shailene Woodley (Getty Images)No one ever accused Shailene Woodley of being your typical Hollywood starlet.

    From her breakout role in the hit series "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" to holding her own opposite George Clooney in "The Descendants," Woodley has proven she's more than a pretty face (though she certainly has that too). But when you launch to stardom at an age when most of your peers' biggest worries revolve around zits and the prom, it can be difficult to grow into young adulthood with any grip on reality. Unless you happen to be Shailene, that is.

    The now-22-year-old star seems to have escaped the fate of so many child actors, and — despite her fame, which is only set to become even more all-encompassing with the release of "Divergent" this month and "The Fault in Our Stars" in June — she's somehow managed to do the impossible: keep it real. As her latest interview with The Hollywood Reporter reveals, with Woodley, what you see is what you get. Here are just a few reasons she's (in our humble

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  • Summit Entertainment

    Trying to recommend a movie to someone without actually having seen the film is a bit like telling a person to buy a car without driving it first. You can’t really vouch for the quality of something unless you’ve experienced it for yourself.

    Now, you’d think that the people responsible for choosing the Best Picture winner at the Oscars (essentially the ultimate movie recommendation) would have seen all the films they were nominating for the prize before voting. But it seem that that assumption would be wrong.

    Two anonymous members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) recently confessed to the Los Angeles TImes they didn’t actually see Best Picture winner “12 Years a Slave,” despite voting for the film to win the coveted Oscar. The two AMPAS members said they avoided seeing director Steve McQueen’s harrowing slavery drama because they feared it would be upsetting. (You think?) The pair said they felt obligated to vote for the film based simply on its “social

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  • Despite being killed during the bloody finale of “300,” King Leonidas (the fearsome Spartan ruler in Zack Snyder’s 2007 film) was originally meant to have a big part in the upcoming “300: Rise of an Empire.” However, when "300" star Gerard Butler turned down an offer to reprise the role, the producers of the sword and sandals sequel had a dilemma on their hands: Do they recast Leonidas or try to find another solution?

    They opted for the latter.

    Whether he chose to be in the film or not, Gerard Butler appears in the “300: Rise of an Empire” by way of re-used footage from the first movie. The events of “300” and “Rise of an Empire” overlap, with parts of the sequel taking place before, during, and after the original film. Though they may not have been able to get Butler back, this convenient arrangement allows “Rise” to ride the proverbial coattails of the hugely popular “300,” despite being a sequel that not a whole lot of people were really asking for.

    The producers likely feared that

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