• "Back to the Future II” made a lot of crazy predictions about 2015; from hoverboards, to self-drying jackets, to ‘80s nostalgia cafés-- which, come to think of it, could still become a thing.

    Perhaps the boldest prediction about 2015, however, comes not from the movie itself but from a 1989 cross-promotional Pizza Hut commercial. In the TV spot, two teenagers, who presumably beat up Doc Brown and stole his car, pilot the DeLorean into the future (i.e. 2015).


    Because these kids are apparently too dumb to conceive of a plan in which they buy a sports almanac and use 25 of statistics to make millions of dollars, they just decide to get some pizza.

    Disturbingly though, the pair can’t find pizza anywhere. It’s like if the Ninja Turtles entered “The Twilight Zone.” First they go to Domino’s, that “place that delivers” as they call it. Well guess what-- in 2015, Domino’s is now a hardware store! WORST.


    It appears as though pizza might not exist at all in this hellish future. Before they

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  • DisneyDisney
    Continuing the trend of mining their back catalogue of animated features for brand new live action movies, Disney announced that they’re prepping a live-action remake of “Mulan.”

    Disney’s 1998 animated adaptation of the ancient Chinese legend isn’t as universally beloved as some of their other films already slated for the remake treatment (like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Dumbo”), but the story of a young girl disguising herself as a man to battle the Huns seems perfect for an appropriately epic cinematic treatment. And most importantly, Tim Burton probably won’t have anything to do with it.

    While the idea of a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster centered on a badass female Chinese action hero would usually be cause for celebration, a lot of people seem worried. Fans of the original, and fans of diversity and equity in general, are justifiably concerned that the new film won’t actually cast an Asian actress in the lead.


    Fans have good reason to be nervous. The issue of whitewashing is

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  • Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall in 'The Breakfast Club'Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall in 'The Breakfast Club'
    The ensemble cast of “The Breakfast Club” will always hold a special place in the detention of our hearts. Starting this weekend, moviegoers can prove that they haven’t forgotten about those lovable ‘80s misfits by checking out the 30th anniversary theatrical re-release, which both celebrates the legacy of the classic film and also cements the fact that we’re all getting old.

    While "TBC"’s cast of fresh young faces seemingly appeared out of nowhere back in the ‘80s, some of them had already made some early, somewhat embarrassing, appearances you might not remember.

    Molly Ringwald in “Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone”


    Before she was the wealthy, spoiled Claire, Molly Ringwald played the exact opposite character: a filthy scavenger living in a barren futuristic wasteland -- this was even before “Sixteen Candles” in which she merely traversed the metaphorical wasteland of puberty.

    In 1983, Ringwald starred as Niki, sidekick to Wolff (he was so tough he spelled “wolf” with two

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  • The familiar Ghostbusters logo and the B.O.O. logoThe familiar Ghostbusters logo and the B.O.O. logo
    The recent announcement that the long-gestating "Ghostbusters"reboot would be split into separate all-male and all-female movies, has basically turned the beloved franchise into the movie equivalent of a Grade 7 dance.

    And while we were all debating the gender politics of who should be allowed to fire unlicensed nuclear accelerators at phantasms, a possible new heir to the "
    Ghostbusters"throne has been quietly brewing: " B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations."

    Lest we tempt the litigious wrath of Mr. Dan Aykroyd, I want to make this clear: "B.O.O.,"a Dreamworks animated featuret, is in no official way connected to the "Ghostbusters" series. That being said-- come on, this is totally the next "Ghostbusters" movie.

    According to IMDb, "B.O.O." is about a classified agency dedicated to “protecting humans from evil hauntings,” and they even sport a familiar ghost-centric logo.

    The voice cast includes Seth Rogen (who was at one point rumored to star in a"Ghostbusters"reboot), Melissa

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  • Disney’s new live-action version of “Cinderella,” made by famed director/occasional Hogwarts teacher Kenneth Branagh, is doing very well at the box office these days, pulling in large sums of money that probably won’t turn into old fruits and vegetables at midnight.

    For those of you who haven’t gotten your full “Cinderella” fix, or are just too busy to trek out to your local multiplex, there’s another live-action version of the classic story that  you can watch right now.


    This version comes from a 1985 episode of “Faerie Tale Theatre,” a children’s TV show produced and hosted by Shelley Duvall, a.k.a. Wendy from “The Shining.” Because who better to host a children’s show than a woman famous for bringing a small boy to an isolated hotel with an axe-wielding psycho?!

    Starring in the title role as Cinderella is “Flashdance”’s Jennifer Beals! Sadly, we’re denied a scene where Cinderella frantically dances to “Maniac” in an empty warehouse. Sigh.


    “Cinderella” tells the familiar tale

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  • There's brilliance in everyone -- if only they're given the chance to shine.

    Starring Dustin Hoffman and directed by François Girard, director of Academy Award-winning "The Red Violin," "Boychoir" tells the story of a recently orphaned boy (Garrett Wareing) who is sent to a boarding school where he struggles to join a group of world-class singers. No one expects this rebellious kid to excel, especially the school's relentless conductor (Dustin Hoffman). Think "Whiplash" -- but with a choir.

    In this exclusive clip, 12-year-old Stet (Waring) is given the basic run-down of music via his classmates and teacher -- and it's clear that singing isn't as easy as it might appear.

    "Boychoir" opens in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver on March 27 and hits theatres nationwide on April 3.

    Watch the video below to see Dustin Hoffman talk about "Boychoir" at TIFF 2014.

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  • Boo Ya Pictures/YouTubeBoo Ya Pictures/YouTube

    Would "Fifty Shades of Grey" be less grey with Steve Buscemi in the role of titular billionaire Christian Grey? Now we know for sure the answer is yes.

    In a re-cut trailer of the anticipated adaptation of E.L. James' S&M-for-housewives sensation, Dakota Johnson's is still there as lit student Anastasia Steele. But instead of co-star Jamie Dornan's voice and appearance as her lover, the footage splices in Steve Buscemi's voice and scenes from his lengthy career, including "Boardwalk Empire," "Ghost World," "Trees Lounge" and "Mr. Deeds," among others.

    "50 Shades of Buscemi," uploaded Monday and already clocking in at 1.2 million views, was created by the eight male friends behind Boo Ya Pictures.

    Buscemi is well aware of his fans' Internet pranks. The 57-year-old revealed last year  on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" that his wife actually got a big kick out of the Buscemi Eyes meme circulating at the time. "Makes those characters a little bit hotter, don't ya think?" he quipped in

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  • Dianne Wiest, the 66-year-old actress who won Oscars for best supporting actress in 1986 ("Hannah and Her Sisters") and in 1994 ("Bullets Over Broadway"), has revealed in a new interview with that she is having trouble paying her rent.

    "I have to move out of my apartment soon," Wiest said, adding that work is coming in drips and drabs. In Hollywood she has been offered one type of role, she says, "a nice mom, and that's it. That's all that ever came, except in theatre."

    But Wiest isn't the only actor to face financial hardship following Oscar success. Here are four other stars who have had money troubles since their award outing:

    Barkhad Abdi

    Last year The New Yorker revealed the news that “Captain Phillips” Oscar nominee Barkhad Abdi was actually broke. The Tom Hanks thriller went on to earn $55 million while Abdi was only paid $65,000. While promoting the film, the 29-year-old Somalian actor lived on a per diem and his suits were loaned to him. “Recently Abdi requested that he be

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  • Getty Images

    For most Oscar watchers, there are two days of every year that are of special concern: the morning the Academy Award nominees are announced and then Oscar night itself. While these two occasions are the most public face of the Academy Awards, there is much more to the the Oscars process than meets the eye. Ever wondered about who the Academy voters are? Want to know how the nominees and winners are picked? Here’s a primer on how Oscar voting works.

    Who are the Academy?

    Getty Images

     Though a full list of AMPAS membership has never officially been publicized, the names of new members are published when they join the Academy, as are the names of members who join the Board of Governors.

    There are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, if an actor, actress, or other person in the film business has ever been nominated for an Oscar, it’s almost guaranteed that they are a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Members invited to join over the past several years include

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  • Peter Jackson and Hobbit star Lee Pace at the Toronto screening of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. (George Pimentel/WireImage)Peter Jackson and Hobbit star Lee Pace at the Toronto screening of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. (George Pimentel/WireImage)

    For nearly two decades, “Hobbit” director Peter Jackson has lived and breathed the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Orcs, elves, wizards, hobbits, dwarves, dragons, and dark lords -- day in and day out, for almost 20 years.

    Is it any wonder that Jackson is ready to take a vacation?

    “We haven’t had a day where we haven’t woken up and there’s been a deadline coming,” Jackson said while promoting “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” in Toronto earlier this month. “You can’t believe how much we don’t want anything to do.”

    Appearing even more frazzled than usual, the New Zealand filmmaker seemed relieved by the very concept of time off with his wife and filmmaking partner Fran Walsh. “It’s always been this looming thing. Now we get to wake up and done, finished… Fran and I have just so badly wanted for once in the 30-odd years of our professional lives to have nothing to do.”

    Jackson and his “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” collaborators Walsh and Philippa Boyens began

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