Blogger calls 911 over cell phone use in TIFF screening

Mauricio Calero/Getty Images

Is it a crime to use a cell phone during a film? An audience member at the Toronto International Film Festival screening of "The Sacrament" on Monday thought so. So he called 911.

According to BuzzFeed, creator and blogger Alex Billington alerted Toronto's emergency services on Monday when he noticed another audience member pointing his phone at the screen for several minutes in the Press and Industry screening of Ti West's latest horror film.

"I thought I might be witnessing an act of piracy, a major crime being committed, and wished to report it to the proper authorities," Billington wrote to BuzzFeed. "The call made was to report an act of piracy in progress, a major crime that many signs around TIFF remind people is a punishable offense. I simply requested that an officer confront and confirm that he was not pirating."

The movie blogger noted on his Twitter feed that calling the emergency line was a mistake. 

Despite Billington's unpleasant experience, the film fan is still determined to take action. 

Do you think cell phones should be allowed at TIFF press screenings?

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