06/12/2012 – ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,’ ‘Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds,’ ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ and ‘Superman vs. The Elite’

Philip Yu
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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Box Art

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as the world's most famous detective in a dark new international investigation. Sherlock Holmes has always been the smartest man in the room... until now. There is a new criminal mastermind at large -- Professor Moriarty -- and not only is he Holmes' intellectual equal, but his capacity for evil may actually give him an advantage over the renowned detective. Holmes is hot on the trail, but the cunning Moriarty is always one step ahead as he spins a web of death and destruction -- all part of a greater plan that, if he succeeds, will change the course of history.

See Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette clip from 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,' available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download and On Demand:

Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Maximum Movie Mode: Inside the Mind of Sherlock Holmes - Hosted by Robert Downey, Jr.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: A Perfect Chemistry
  • Holmes Without Borders
  • Moriarty's Master Plan Unleashed
  • Holmesvision on Steroids and More

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A Better Man

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds Box Art

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds

A successful businessman, Wesley Deeds has always done what's expected of him, whether it's assuming the helm of his father's company, tolerating his brother's misbehavior or planning to marry his beautiful fiance´e, Natalie. But Wesley is jolted out of his predictable routine when he meets Lindsey, a down-on-her-luck single mother who works on the cleaning crew in his office building. When he offers to help her get back on her feet, the chance encounter ignites something in Wesley, sparking his courage to exchange the life that's expected of him for the life he's always really wanted.

See Tyler Perry, Thandie Newton and Brian White in an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette clip from 'Tyler Perry's Good Deeds,' available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download and On Demand:

Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Two Worlds Collide
  • Motherly Love

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Hell on Wheels

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Box Art

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Nicolas Cage returns as Marvel Comics' strange and supernatural "hotheaded" hero, the demonic avenger Ghost Rider. Still struggling to repress his curse as the devil's bounty hunter, former stuntman Johnny Blaze has been hiding out, living in exile in a remote part of Europe. But when he is recruited by a secret sect of the church to protect a mother and son, who are being pursued by evil forces, Ghost Rider takes the case. At first, Johnny is reluctant to embrace the power of the Ghost Rider, but it is the only way to protect the boy and possibly rid himself of his curse forever.

See Nicolas Cage in clips from 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,' available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download and On Demand:

Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Director's Expanded Video Commentary
  • The Path to Vengeance
  • Patience Is Not a Virtue
  • We Will Burn This City to Bitter Ashes
  • The Hell and Back and More

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Man of Steel

Superman vs. The Elite Box Art

Superman vs. The Elite

The latest DC Comics Premiere movie is adapted from the critically acclaimed single-issue Action Comics story "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?," and hailed as one of the greatest Superman stories of all time. The Elite, a team of super-powered antiheroes, is renowned for killing their enemies. Despite the acclaim and approval the Elite enjoy, Superman knows they are in the wrong, creating more harm than good by their methods. Tensions between them finally culminate in a mass showdown on Jupiter's moons, when Superman is forced to prove that violence is never a positive.

Watch the trailer for the DC Comics Premiere feature 'Superman vs. The Elite,' available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download and On Demand:

Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Sneak Peak at Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1
  • The Elite Unbound: No Rules, No Mercy
  • Superman and the Moral Debate
  • Audio Commentary
  • Digital Comic: Action Comics #775 and More

More Details: