Anne Hathaway Looks … Interesting as Catwoman

Catwoman and Batman, on the set! (Splash)
Catwoman and Batman, on the set! (Splash)

There have been concerns about Anne Hathaway's role in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" from the very beginning. The concern initially was that the daffy, charming, goofy Hathaway had the right amount of gravitas to play Catwoman, even though no one involved with the production would admit that she was playing Catwoman. (She was only listed as playing "Selina Kyle," which, yes, happens to be Catwoman's real-life identity.) Then there were the initial official photos of Hathaway in character, photos that looked so odd and off-tone from the Nolan Batman films up to this point that even Hathaway herself noted people weren't that happy with it. (While still pointing out that those who did like the costume "had excellent taste.") But this weekend, paparazzi photos of Hathaway in full-on Catwoman costume on set leaked ... and it's probably not going to change any minds.

Now it's important to keep in mind that these are paparazzi shots, which could tell us absolutely nothing and we should probably be ignoring them all together. (Ask Johnny Depp about that.) But if you didn't like the previous picture, you're not gonna be crazy about these, because, well, Hathaway looks just like she did in the official photo, except now she has a mask and ears. Any concerns you had before wouldn't be alleviated by this: She looks, essentially, like a lady walking around in a Halloween cat costume. Compare that to how scary and convincing Tom Hardy looks as Bane.

This shouldn't be considered Hathaway's fault, necessarily. The Catwoman costume is as common a costume as you can imagine, and if Halle Berry looked ridiculous in it (and she did), there's no shame in looking a bit silly in it yourself, at least in long-shot paparazzi photos, anyway. As always, it's all about context, and you can't argue that Nolan (and, for that matter, Hathaway) haven't earned the benefit of the doubt. But still. Not all that different from this, really.

Also from the Los Angeles "Dark Knight Rises" shoot this weekend, and from that same series of photos: Video from the set that might have a spoiler. We're not watching it, because we don't want to have plot points spoiled, but Comic Book Movie says there's a plot detail in there. Watch it at your own risk.

"The Dark Knight Rises" comes out July 20, 2012, and not a moment too soon. By then, we'll be able to avoid all the paparazzi leaks and plot spoilers and just watch the darned movie already.

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