Weekend Picks: ‘Battleship,’ ‘The Dictator’ & ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’

Meriah Doty
Movie Talk

Industry experts are already predicting "Marvel's The Avengers' will hold at No. 1 for its third straight weekend, beating new release, big budget oceanic action flick "Battleship."

Box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian agrees "Avengers" will keep its lead. But will it break more records? "A likely gross of around $50 million would give the film the second-biggest third weekend performance ever behind only 'Avatar' and it's $68.5 million third weekend. The first 'Spider-Man' had a third weekend of $45 million," he told Yahoo! Movies.

Let's just hope Kevin Costner's forced meeting with "Battleship" director Peter Berg doesn't jinx it into "Water World" territory.

Here is what you can expect of this weekend's wide releases:

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Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, action and destruction, and for language.

What's the Story?
In case there was any question, this movie is, in fact, based on the popular Hasbro board game of the same name. And the game's famous phrase "You sunk my battleship!" will not be uttered. (Sorry board game commercial fans.) The film's story revolves around the USS John Paul Jones, led by Liam Neeson as Admiral Shane. Out at sea, the Navy finds a force to be reckoned with -- aliens. Explosions, visually-impressive special effects and camera work -- and Rihanna's big screen acting debut -- ensue.

Who Will Dig it?
Military film watchers and action fans can sink their jaws into this one. A good portion of Rihanna's nearly 19 million Twitter following should make an appearance to see her first stab at big screen acting.

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The Dictator

Rated R for strong crude and sexual content, brief male nudity, language and some violent images.

What's the Story?
Debuting his newest character creation, Sacha Baron Cohen stars as tyrant-turned-New Yorker dictator Adm. Gen. Shabazz Aladeen. In typical Baron-Cohen fashion, this modern fish-out-of-water story promises consequences both hilarious ("Do you sell any assault rifles?") and revolting (9/11 jokes). Also starring Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley.

Who Will Dig It?
Die hard Baron Cohen fans who have been watching since his "Ali G" television show days and those who see the irony with his new dictator character -- in the way he plays with America's perception of those from the Middle East. If you had your fill with action blockbuster "Avengers," this is also an edgy change of pace.

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What to Expect When You're Expecting

Rated PG-13 for for crude and sexual content, thematic elements and language.

What's the Story?
One word: Preggers! Okay, one couple in the film adopts -- but for the most part 'What to Expect' tackles the hormones, the competition among parents, the surprises and plain old panic that comes along with having a baby. Based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name, the film hosts a slew of stars including J.Lo, Cameron Diaz and Chris Rock.

Who Will Dig It?
Parents-to-be, those thinking about having children, new parents, and even new grandparents. Think "Three Men and a Baby," but add a few more men and a whole lot more women.

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