Sandra Bullock and son support ‘Blind Side’ player Michael Oher at Super Bowl XLVII

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Sandra Bullock attends the Super Bowl with her son Louis, inset is of Michael Oher

If you were paying attention during Sunday's ultra dramatic Super Bowl game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, you probably noticed that one Raven -- and one Oscar-winning actress -- experienced a full circle moment that is almost as awe-inspiring as the film that put a spotlight on his story.

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Sandra Bullock showed up to the Superdome in New Orleans with her 3-year-old adopted son Louis to cheer on Michael Oher -- who celebrated his first Super Bowl win on Sunday night when all was finally said and done. Bullock even dressed her son in an Oher jersey in support of the man whose life story inspired "The Blind Side," the 2009 biopic about a woman who opens up her home to a homeless teen and fosters his love of football.

Bullock played Leigh Anne Tuohy, the woman who eventually adopted Oher (played by Quinton Aaron) and set a chain of events into motion that eventually led to Oher's very first Super Bowl win! The role earned Bullock her first Academy Award. And just mere weeks after her Oscar win, she had her very own "Blind Side"-like moment when she adopted her own son Louis.

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Sandra Bullock in 'The Blind Side'

Along with her son, the 48-year-old actress sat with the Tuohys at the big game on Sunday in New Orleans as they all cheered on their favorite Raven. Bullock is said to be the 26-year-old pro footballer's No. 1 fan. "She follows Michael's career every step of the way," Leigh Anne Tuohy is quoted as saying of Bullock. "It's funny... I'll get texts [from her] during the game: 'Why did they do this? They should have done that.'"

Oher, an offensive tackle, was having a great game, throwing up blocks in the first half of Sunday's Super Bowl game, when the Ravens were obliterating the 49ers 28-6. Then, after halftime -- and after there was a power outage that delayed the game -- the 49ers came back. But it wasn't enough to bring down the Ravens, who ultimately won by three points (34-31).

In spite of the enormity of last night's win for Oher, he let the press know before the big event that his head was in the game -- and not on the movie about his life. "I’m tired of the movie. I’m here to play football," he said when asked again about the 2009 film at Super Bowl Media Day last week. But, he added of the Tuohy's, "I've got them coming to the game... They're still my family." (Oher took a moment to to celebrate his win with adopted brother Sean Tuohy, taking this Instagram photo after Sunday's game.)

Oher was born to a crack-addicted mother and has 11 other biological brothers and sisters. He was in-and-out of foster care until he met Tuohy during his teen years.

Last night's win wasn't just a victory for Baltimore, it was a victory for those who believe in the power of generosity.

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