Nicole Kidman’s risqué roles

Meriah Doty
Movie Talk

Nicole Kidman is no wallflower. Her body of work is a testament to her willingness to go all out. And speaking of body -- she has no reservations when it comes to showing hers.

As her next unconventional role awaits in "The Paperboy," in theaters later this year, we think it wise to take a look at Kidman's risqué and even risky roles.

Dead Calm
From the outset of her film career, Kidman has shown she has guts. In the 1989 sea-set thriller "Dead Calm," Kidman plays a woman who is forced to use her sexuality in an attempt to save her life in what was her breakout role. (And yes, she gets nekkid with Billy Zane, who plays the villain.)

Billy Bathgate
In 1991's Billy Bathgate, starring Dustin Hoffman, Kidman plays a young, married, and often nude socialite in a 1930s-set crime film.

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To Die For
She is sweet and idyllic on the outside and evil on the inside in "To Die For" (1995). Kidman plays a weather bunny wife who uses the infatuation of a local teen (played by Joaquin Phoenix) to manipulate him into killing her husband (played by Matt Dillon).

Eyes Wide Shut
Perhaps Kidman's most famous risqué role to date, "Eyes Wide Shut" covered extra marital sex, a costumed orgy and an underground cult. She starred in the 1999 film with her first husband Tom Cruise. It famously took a long time to shoot and wound up being Stanley Kubrick's last film.
The Hours
Unafraid of diminishing her sex symbol status, Kidman is daring in a whole new way in 2002's "The Hours." In the Oscar-winning film, Kidman wore a prosthetic nose, playing early 20th century writer Virginia Woolf.

Kidman plays a woman who becomes convinced a young boy is the incarnation of her dead husband in "Birth" (2004). Not only risky but also freaky!

In 2006, Kidman was in "Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus" -- depicting the enigmatic photographer known for her haunting portraits of odd subject matter.

The Paperboy
Due out this year, Kidman is (again) twisted and sexy in the thriller "The Paperboy."She has at least one steamy scene with co-star Zac Efron and plays a woman who writes letters to death row inmates. Kidman's character Charlotte Bless also begins communicating with a murder suspect, played by John Cuscack.