Jennifer Lawrence can do everything, including sing (in ‘House at the End of the Street’)

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It's starting to become apparent there is almost nothing Jennifer Lawrence can't do. She is omni-capable if you will.

With an Oscar nomination already under her belt, Lawrence earned more Oscar buzz recently for her first comedic performance to date in "Silver Linings Playbook." Add to that her starring role in the third-highest grossing film of the year in "The Hunger Games" and the fact that Lawrence can now also add "singer" to her growing repertoire of talents, it all almost seems unfair. Though Lawrence herself is the last to recognize her musical abilities.

In the above music video for "House at the End of the Street" -- seen here first on Yahoo! Movies -- Lawrence performs the song "All You've Got to Do is Fall in Love" by Benji Hughes.

In the film, Lawrence plays Elissa, a high school student who plays guitar and sings. In one scene she is playing the aforementioned song on her front porch as her new neighbor Ryan (played by Max Theriot) watches her from his home. And it's his home wherein Elissa is drawn and subjected to terrifying and mysterious events.

Steve Lindsey, the music supervisor for "House," recalls working with Lawrence in the recording studio as "a great day" even though she came in feeling unsure. "Even [though] she was nervous, her humor about the situation shined through with her begging for us to 'Photoshop' her voice." While some heavy, echoey reverb can be detected in small segments of Lawrence's vocal track (Hey, if it's good enough for the Beach Boys, it's good enough for J.La!), the quality of her singing voice is unarguably impressive. No auto-tune here!

It's worth noting that Lawrence has done some less formal singing in prior films. She memorably sings a lullaby in "The Hunger Games" a cappella. (And when asked about it, she told MTV, "I'm not a singer," later adding in a video interview, "I'm a horrible singer.") Lawrence also does a car radio singalong in 2008's "The Poker House" with Chloë Grace Moretz.

Lindsey further describes Lawrence's refreshing work ethic in the music studio: "My co-writer and recording artist, Benji Hughes, took to her right away. They immediately established a great camaraderie which helped to get the work flowing.  Jen was very down-to-earth, hard-working and had no pretention whatsoever -- all skills that are paramount to recording music."

"House at the End of the Street," also starring Elisabeth Shue, lands in theaters Friday.

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