Jamie Foxx speaks of the day Quentin Tarantino cried

Meriah Doty
Movie Talk
July 14, 2012

Quentin Tarantino deals with violent subject matter in his upcoming film "Django Unchained"-- which comes as no surprise when compared with his body of work.

However, "Django" resonated more intensely with the famed auteur, the film's star Jamie Foxx told Yahoo! Movies during an interview on Saturday at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Foxx said that one scene was so intense, Tarantino got teary on the job: "Quentin Tarantino -- while he was shooting -- his eye piece filled up with water because he was crying." When it came to shooting violent scenes of torture include the whipping of slaves, Foxx added, "I knew it was going to be powerful, but I didn't know it was going to be that powerful."

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"Django" is about a pre Civil War-era black slave -- played by Foxx -- who becomes a bounty hunter, and is in a desperate search for his slave wife, played by Kerry Washington. As a bounty hunter, Django plays out ultimate revenge on his and his people's torturers.

Tarantino's last film "Inglorious Basterds" also plays out the revenge of a disenfranchised group -- Nazi-era Jews. Foxx pointed out that geography is key to setting "Django" apart: "The Holocaust... It seemed in a distant land. This [slavery] is right here." He added, "This happened not too long ago. And some of that -- I call it residue -- still lingers."

"Django Unchained" lands in theaters on Christmas Day, 2012.

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