‘Field of Dreams’ girl is all grown up, stars as nude hippy in ‘Crystal Fairy’

Meriah Doty
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Gabby Hoffman at this year's Sundance Film Festival, left, and in 'Field of Dreams'

Most of us remember her as the young girl who was miraculously saved from choking on a hot dog in "Field of Dreams." Now, 24 years later, Gaby Hoffmann is all grown up and starring alongside Michael Cera in a Sundance Film Festival submission, the comedy "Crystal Fairy."

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The 31-year-old actress plays a free-thinking, annoyingly upbeat hippy who goes by the film's moniker -- Crystal Fairy. Unafraid to run around naked, she links up with fellow American Jamie (Cera) in Santiago, Chile, hitching onto his drug-fueled, comically-inept party train. Along with some other acquaintances, they set out find the mescaline-bearing cactus plants of San Pedro (that Aldous Huxley wrote about in "The Doors of Perception").

The film is directed by Chilean Sebastián Silva -- who won a Sundance Jury Prize and earned a Golden Globe nomination for his 2009 film "The Maid." Silva, who also cast his brothers in "Crystal Fairy," has a second film at Sundance this year that stars Cera called "Magic Magic."

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Gaby Hoffmann in 'Crystal Fairy'

In "Fairy" Jamie soon finds himself annoyed by Crystal's constantly sunny-and-free outlook -- not to mention her hairy armpits. And the film's comedic tempo revolves around their friction.

Aside from "Dreams," Hoffmann was a prolific child star, with memorable roles in "Uncle Buck" (1989), "Sleepless in Seattle" (1993), "The Man Without a Face" (1993), and played Demi Moore's younger counter part in "Now and Then" (1995).

Hoffmann has continued to work steadily over the years in film and television, but broke away from the industry for a few years to earn a degree in literature at Bard College. She graduated in 2003 and then worked mostly in theater in New York, returning to film and television in 2007.

She has since appeared on Emmy-winning shows "The Good Wife," "Homeland," and "Louie," but "Fairy" arguably marks a film comeback for Hoffmann, as she is in a leading role.

Watch Hoffmann as Karin in 'Field of Dreams':

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