Exclusive ‘Butter’ Trailer: Bad girl Olivia Wilde takes on Palin-esque Jennifer Garner

Meriah Doty
Movie Talk

In a film about -- of all things -- the competitive pageantry of butter sculpture in a small Iowa town, the two leading ladies couldn't be more opposite.

Jennifer Garner plays the Sarah Palin-esque, Type-A Laura Pickler who is bent on butter sculpture domination. And Olivia Wilde is her arch enemy: a stripper with an axe and a pole to grind.

This marks a dramatic departure from the roles Wilde has recently taken on. In "TRON: Legacy" (2010), "People Like Us" (2012) and even her long stint on television show "House," Wilde has played it straight and serious -- for the most part. But that has changed as a comedic Wilde plays the seemingly unscrupulous Brooke Swinkowski -- known as Tokyo Rose at the local strip club. (Wilde, by the way, has a buzzed-about make out scene with "Twilight"'s Ashley Greene. And while different in tone, this isn't the first time she has played a bisexual character: On the second season of "The O.C." Wilde played Alex Kelly -- who dated both Seth Cohen and Marissa Cooper. Her character on "House" was also bisexual.) In "Butter," Wilde's look is decidedly slutty-trashy and her hair is cropped and black with blunt bangs.

Brooke has bewitched Laura's husband, butter sculpting champion Bob Pickler, played by Ty Burrell. "Tokyo Rose, I think I love you," he says while she dances erotically in front of him at the club.

It's further revealed in the trailer -- seen here first on Yahoo! Movies -- that Brooke and Laura have an argument about the affair. Yes, Laura knows!

Evoking a sort of amalgam of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, Garner is prim and proper as Laura -- from her perfectly coiffed hair to her smart, blue suit and pearls. And it appears to be a facade to distract from her more devious motivations: Is she having an affair too? The way Hugh Jackman, who plays Boyd Bolton, talks about her lady lumps eludes to further scandal.

The main point is Brooke is mad and she wants to take Laura down. When her own butter sculpture efforts prove underwhelming with her rather weak rendition of "The Scarlet Letter" -- the 1995 film, not the classic novel -- she starts rooting for a new young talent to play out revenge on her behalf.

"Butter" spreads through theaters October 5.

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