Comic-Con 2012: Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis open up about being witches in ‘Oz’

Meriah Doty and Matt McDaniel
Movie Talk
July 12, 2012

Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis have always been bewitching, but in next year's "Oz The Great and Powerful," they're really going to cast a spell on movie audiences.  Williams is taking on the role of Glinda the good witch, while Kunis is playing the ever-so-wicked Theodora.  But in talking to Yahoo! Movies today at San Diego Comic-Con for their first sit-down interview about the movie, both actresses made it clear that this is not the "Wizard of Oz" everyone grew up with.

"It's a very different movie," Kunis said when asked how their new project compares to the 1939 original. The film tells the story of Oscar Diggs (played by James Franco), a disreputable chap who gets whisked away from a circus in Kansas to the magical land of Oz.  It takes place long before Dorothy dropped in with her house and her little dog Toto, too. Oscar winner Rachel Weisz completes the witchy triumvirate as Evanora.

Since this was the first time for the two to talk about the movie, they were both cagey about letting details slip.  Apparently, their two characters don't share much screen time, and Kunis said, "we spent more time [together] off set than we did on set." When asked how they spent their time, Williams smirked and only answered, "Trailer talk."

Williams said that the character of Glinda was "a one-dimensional character" in the original movie, but promises this new take will offer insights into why she acted the way she did.  "There was a reason Glinda didn't go down the yellow brick road," Williams said, and that will be one of the big reveals in the movie.  "I really loved being the good witch," Williams said, specifically the reactions she got from children when she was in costume.

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As for Kunis, she confessed "I don't know what I'm allowed to say" when asked if she'd be looking a little green as the Wicked Witch. But she admitted, "I did get to cackle," to which Williams responded, "And what a cackle!"  Kunis said, "There's a transformation amongst all the characters whether it be physical or emotional." She added that unlike Williams, "I don't get the pleasure of little kids walking past me and [smiling]. I'll just say that."

"Oz The Great and Powerful," directed by Sam Raimi ("Spider-Man"), opens March 8, 2013.

Watch the teaser trailer for 'Oz The Great and Powerful':

'Oz The Great and Powerful' Teaser Trailer

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