Bill Clinton names dream actors to play him and Hillary on the big screen

Claudine Zap
Movie Talk

If Bill Clinton's life is made into a movie, he has a star in mind who could do the job.

On "Piers Morgan Tonight," the former president spoke with guest host Harvey Weinstein, the film producer, who brought the conversation back to movies, natch.

Weinstein asked, if he made a movie, "Who would you want to play you, Mr. President?" Clinton seemed genuinely stumped and replied, "Gosh, I don't know. I don't know. I would trust your judgment more than mine on that."

Weinstein was ready with his judgment: "Brad Pitt? George Clooney?" Clinton dismissed Pitt as "too good-looking" but Clooney could be a possibility since he "is at least more my size."

"And not that good-looking either," Weinstein jokingly added.

Clinton responded, "He's good-looking but, you know, you could put bulbous things on his nose and you could do makeup with him."

The former president called Clooney's most recent movie, "The Descendants," "fabulous." He said, "He was so good in it, so real."

And what about his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? There, the 65-year-old did not hesitate. He answered instantly, "Meryl Streep."

The website Politico noted that there have been a chorus of voices advocating for the stellar actress to play the former first lady on the big screen, because the thespian "is frequently compared to his wife."

Clinton also revealed his favorite movie: The 1952 western "High Noon," which the Arkansas native first saw at age 6 and has since seen it "25 or 30 times." He added, "The only other movie like that in my life that I can see over and over again and never get tired of is 'Casablanca.'"

We're with you there, Mr. President.