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  • 9 Big Questions for Jon Voight: Battling Demons Onscreen and Off


    In the movies, on TV and even on the news, Jon Voight is suddenly everywhere. Of course, the man has been a showbiz mainstay since bursting onto the screen with a starring role in 1969's Oscar-winning film "Midnight Cowboy," which propelled him on to become one of the biggest leading men of the 1970's. After some relatively quiet years, however, Voight's career has never been busier, with the actor portraying a series of unsettling characters, including the world's worst dad in Showtime's "Ray Donovan." And in real life, Voight has in recent years become the most outspoken member of Hollywood's tiny tribe of political conservatives, making regular appearances and stoking controversy on the talk show circuit.

    Currently, he's taking on storied role of Dr. Van Helsing in "Dracula: The Dark Prince," a new film out on DVD and VOD in time for Thanksgiving.

    We spoke to Voight by telephone from his Beverly Hills home about battling demons of the fanged and unfanged variety.

    1. Why did you

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  • Chucky Reveals Deathly Fear of Katherine Heigl in Halloween Popsessions

    Over the course of 25 years and six movies, Chucky’s been stabbed, shot, sliced, burned alive, melted, dismembered, decapitated and blown to bits. (There was also that time a doll with Jennifer Tilly's voice wanted to marry him.)

    But what the iconic “Child’s Play” menace has never been subjected to is an intense interrogation around his own personal tastes in horror. Turns out he harbors a deep fear of “Grey’s Anatomy”-turned-rom-com addict Katherine Heigl, among other things.

    With a sixth romp, "Curse of Chucky," now available, the ever-comedic Chucky – via writer-director Don Mancini, we think – tells us what makes his plastic skin crawl in the latest version of Halloween Popsessions.

    Curse of ChuckyChucky's face has seen better days. (Photo credit: Universal)

    1. What scares you the most? Pointless horror remakes. We've all suffered through them recently. Sequels are definitely more humane.

    2. What is the scariest movie of all time? TOY STORY 3.

    3. Who is the scariest monster of all film history? Katherine Heigl.

    4. What was the first horror film you saw?

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  • Chris Evans in Captain America: The Winter SoldierChris Evans in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Photo Credit: Marvel)

    World War II and the threat of HYDRA seem like simple challenges compared to the morally compromised modern world on display in the first trailer for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," next spring's Marvel movie that puts the red, white and blue hero front and center.

    Except the red, white and blue has faded a bit — not just in Cap's sleeker, sexier and inevitably darker costume but in the America he has sworn to protect, one where "disorder and war" is just one step away. Back in WWII, there were the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys'; today, the defenders of the country, particularly the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., seem to follow a more complicated and perhaps corrupt code of ethics, one enforced by Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford, perhaps playing an upgraded variation on his "Spy Game" character).

    "To build a better world sometimes means turning the old one down ... and that makes enemies," says Pierce to the troubled Steve Rogers, who now officially joins the ever-growing ranks of

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  • Jamie Dornan in his modeling days. (Calvin Klein)Bam! Literally overnight, Jamie Dornan has become a household name.

    That's because, as reported late Wednesday, the hunky Irish actor is thisclose to finalizing a deal to play Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey," stepping into a role vacated earlier this month by "Sons of Anarchy" star Charlie Hunnam.

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    But enough about Charlie — it's now all about Jamie, who, along with Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele, will be acting out those erotic fantasies in the big screen adaption of the bondage-themed romance novels, which have been described as "mommy porn."

    So who is Jamie — other than a very handsome face? We strip it down to the basics for you...

    1. The Hollywood Star Hails From Holywood. While he's now all the rage

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  • Fans Are Buzzing Over Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

    Jamie DornanJamie Dornan (Photo: Getty Images)He looks good shirtless. Check.

    He's got some acting chops. Check.

    As one fan sounded off on Twitter when he heard the news that "Once Upon a Time" actor Jamie Dornan has been cast as Christian Grey, "He is all kinds of yummy! Plus that accent!"

    The 31-year-old Irish actor-model inspired mostly positive reaction on social media when the announcement came through on Wednesday night that he will replace Charlie Hunnam as the leading man in the upcoming film adaptation of E. L. James's popular novel "Fifty Shades of Grey."

    Virtual squeals — and some sighs — were heard around the world.

    A smattering of detractors had been rooting for other Christian candidates.

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  • Giveaway: Fly Home for Thanksgiving for Free (Birds)

    Reggie (Owen Wilson) and Jake (Woody Harrelson) in Relativity Media's 'Free Birds'.

    "Free Birds" has a simple, clean, likeable premise. Much like our "Free Birds" giveaway!

    Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson give voice to Jake and Reggie, two turkeys who go back in time to try and serve up a better option for America's traditional Thanksgiving fare.

    Ok, maybe simple's not the best word for it, as time travel can get tricky, but still, you get what the movie's about right off the bat. And right off the bat you're rooting for our heroes (with your heart, if not your belly).

    Simple still works as a descriptor for our "Free Birds" giveaway. And you know what else works: Amazing!

    One lucky Yahoo Movies Twitter follower will win a $750 gift card to American Airlines. Because though Jake and Reggie don't condone turkey for Thanksgiving, they do condone flying home to be with your loved ones.

    "Free Birds" opens wide November 1.

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    Here's how to enter:

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  • A Face for Radio: ‘Only God Forgives’ Blu-ray Clip & Giveaway

    Ryan Gosling in Radius-TWC's 'Only God Forgives'.

    You had us at Ryan Gosling.

    But when you throw in Vithaya Pansringarm as a sword-swinging, karaoke-singing mob boss and Kristin Scott Thomas as the creepy mother of all tiger mamas (great grandmother?), then you've really got a sweet deal.

    But that's what you get when Gosling reteams with "Drive" writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn in "Only God Forgives," a trippy, bloody revenge tale set in the twisted, dark underworld of Bangkok, Thailand.

    And speaking of sweet deals, we've got the right price for you on the new "Only God Forgives" Blu-ray, which dropped this week: how's zero dollars sound? Still not sold? Ok, we'll throw in a film poster signed by Gosling, a t-shirt, and the soundtrack. Sold!

    Because more Gosling is more awesome, we're doubling down! That's right, TWO lucky Yahoo Movies Twitter followers will each receive an "Only God Forgives" Blu-ray, t-shirt, soundtrack, and movie poster signed by Gosling.

    And since we're also feeling forgiving, even if you don't win a prize, you'll still feel like a winner after you watch our exclusive Blu-ray clip below, featuring Gosling feeling slighted by Refn behind the scenes.

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    Here's how to enter:

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  • Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson/Chiwetel EjioforCurtis '50 Cent' Jackson/Chiwetel Ejiofor in 'American Gangster' (Photo: Getty Images/Everett Collection)

    When you're looking for an actor to cast alongside two Best Actor Oscar winners in a film from the writer of "Schindler's List" and the director of "Gladiator," is 50 Cent the first name (or amount of currency) that comes to mind?

    Well, that didn't stop the once and future Curtis Jackson (as he is credited in his movie roles) from trying out for a key supporting role in 2007's "American Gangster." Defamer released a leaked audition tape that rapper-turned-actor made in hopes of being cast as Huey Lucas, the right-hand man to real-life New York drug kingpin Frank Lucas (played in the movie by Denzel Washington).

    The tape shows Jackson going through three scenes from the script, delivering his lines directly to the camera as an unknown woman dispassionately reads Denzel Washington's part offscreen. Jackson seems to be performing all his lines from memory (he does stumble over some words in the first scene). He tries two different approaches to the second scene, using a pair of Chanel

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  • John Goodman, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Bob Balaban and Bill Murray in "The Monuments Men."John Goodman, Matt Damon, Clooney, Bob Balaban and Bill Murray in "The Monuments Men." (Photo Credit: Sony)

    Does George Clooney have a bomb on his hands?

    The shockwaves are still reverberating around Hollywood the day after Clooney announced that his highly anticipated WWII movie, "The Monuments Men," will not be released until February 7, 2014. This eleventh-hour action came on the heels of Martin Scorsese's decision to remain in the Oscars game with "The Wolf of Wall Street," which yesterday was slotted for a Christmas Day release.

    Why all this last minute agita? Because both Clooney and Scorsese want to win that gold statuette — but they don't want to uncork the wine too soon and have a sour product.

    And why the delay, specifically, around the release of "Monuments Men"?

    A widely circulated story on The Wrap that incorporated weeks-old quotes from Clooney purported that the delay had to do with tonal issues in the film.

    "It's been a bit of a dance," co-writer/director/producer/co-star Clooney told Sharon Waxman in the piece. "We're trying to do the movie in the vein of war films, but you

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  • Jake Gyllenhaal, 'Nightcrawler'; Matthew McConaughey, 'Dallas Buyers Club'Jake Gyllenhaal, 'Nightcrawler'; Matthew McConaughey, 'Dallas Buyers Club' (Photo: FameFlynet)Do the actors who bulk up together, trim down together, too?

    Jake Gyllenhaal is taking a page out of workout buddy Matthew McConaughey's script by getting into scary-skinny mode.

    Like McC did for his role as man suffering with AIDS in "Dallas Buyers Club," Gyllenhaal has lost a dramatic amount of weight for an upcoming film.

    Yahoo Movies noticed a gaunt-looking Gyllenhaal on the red carpet at the Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills on Monday. And now the actor has confirmed he dropped 20 pounds for his role as a struggling reporter in the thriller "Nightcrawler," now filming in Los Angeles.

    Gyllenhaal in 2010 and nowGyllenhaal in 2010 and now (Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)"I knew that [he] was literally and figuratively hungry," the actor told Us Weekly of his new character. Gyllenhaal further explained he felt it necessary to get into a "mode where I was always a bit hungry."

    The 6-foot-tall Gyllenhaal is nearly skeletal at his lower weight — his cheekbones visibly protruding, his eyes more sunken, and a silhouette that is significantly more puny than the

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