5 Things You Didn't Know About Mila Kunis

The actors she respects, the LA bars she frequents, the men's style choices she loathes, and more.

By: James Oliver Cury


How do you know Mila Kunis? As Natalie Portman's rival in Black Swan? Kelso's gal in That '70s Show? Or the voice of Meg on Family Guy?Here at Details we've been Mila mavens for a long time (see our 2009 profile of the actress) and we were delighted to learn that our readers are similarly enamored of her; she took the #1 female spot in our online poll of "The 10 Most F*ckable Celebrities." Please, Mila, take that as a compliment.

So her mass appeal is undeniable. Perhaps that explains her latest gig: Kunis recently became Jim Beam's first-ever global spokesperson (for a point of comparison, Christina Hendricks fills a similar role over at Johnnie Walker). To see Kunis soaking up Kentucky culture-and learning the "Kentucky chew" from Beam's seventh generation Master Distiller Fred Noe-check out the embedded video below.

We caught up with her earlier this week and learned that she is every bit as ravishing in person as you might expect, uninhibitedly opinionated about men's fashion (and models), and a very fast talker.

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DETAILS: Mila, here's our new March Fashion issue [I handed her the latest issue expecting her to immediately ignore it or hand it over to some minion. Instead she pored over the cover, unfolding the trifold to look at all 10 male models.]

MILA KUNIS: [Pointing to one model:] This guy's in a bunch of stuff. And he's on billboards. He's in something that I see all the time. They're very pretty men. Look at these men. They're structured.

DETAILS: So what's the biggest fashion mistake that men today make?

MILA KUNIS: When guys try to look dirty on purpose it drives me crazy. Like the guys who literally shower and then try to make themselves look disheveled in the mirror and wear beat-up clothes so they look cool and hip. It's so evident it drives me crazy. I'm also not a fan of guys wearing girls' jeans. Yeah, like skinny skinny jeans. Tight jeans on men. Jeans that look like leggings on guys are not attractive. And the hair over the face-that's gotta go. Greasy hair? Gotta go. Chivalry is not dead. And being gentlemanly is a sexy thing. It's okay to look put together

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DETAILS: You've worked with a lot of major leading men (James Franco, Clive Owen, Billy Crudup, Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg...) Is there any actor you would especially like to work with that you haven't yet?

MILA KUNIS: I love Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett. If anyone came to me and said there's a script, I wouldn't even need to read it. I'd be like: I'll do it. On the male side, I think Matt Damon is a great actor. I'd love to work with him some day. But you know you never really go by actors. You go by story or whatever you gravitate towards. When I went into film at 22, I made a conscious effort to surround myself with people who are better and smarter than I am. And I always felt like whether the film is successful or not, at least I learned something. And of course that includes the actors, directors, producers. I want to constantly learn and evolve.

DETAILS: And now you're an expert on bourbon. Were you always a whiskey drinker?

MILA KUNIS: I converted years ago when I stopped wanting to do just shots. There's nothing wrong with doing shots, mind you. But I love wine and I wanted something that resembled a glass of wine. And to me, going to a pub and ordering a glass of wine was not going to happen. I wanted something that I could sip on that was delicious. And so I started drinking bourbon. It's hard for me to sip vodka. And bourbon has a nice warm tingle going down.

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DETAILS: So what's your drink?

MILA KUNIS: I started off just on the rocks. Now I can mix it with a bunch of stuff. I like a drink called the Penicillin: whiskey and ginger beer.

DETAILS: Do you usually drink at home or...

MILA KUNIS: By myself. While crying.

DETAILS:...Or at bars, is what I was going to say.

MILA KUNIS: I don't gravitate towards bars partially because I don't need every step of my life to be documented. It's hard for me to just walk into a bar in L.A. But I like La Poubelle, which is probably the first bar I ever walked into. That's in Hollywood. And then there's a little bar called Black Market on Ventura, which makes really great mixed drinks. I like them because they're private. Not private in the sense like you can't get in. They're very respectful, but they're not fancy.

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DETAILS: Surely you can get fancy from time to time. Have you splurged on anything noteworthy recently?

MILA KUNIS: Yes! I didn't make the splurge; my significant other did. And then I looked at the bill and I thought I was going to die. We went out to dinner recently-we're massive foodies. We went to a restaurant in L.A. and without mentioning the name or the price, let me just tell you: When the check came, I gasped . And it was not French Laundry or Per Se. That's all I'm gonna say. The food was great, but what is this ? We both were like, "Uh this is crazy."

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