• Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" (1986). (Paramount Pictures)

    Should a sequel to “Top Gun” still go forward? Despite the death of original director Tony Scott in 2012, “Top Gun” star Tom Cruise says he’s eager to move forward with a follow-up to the 1986 action classic.

    “If we can get over some stumbling blocks it will be fun to do,” Cruise told Sky News when asked about “Top Gun 2” at the Empire Film Awards in London. “With movies, they have a time -- when they're ready to be made you go and make them. Some movies I’ve worked on for years before they’ve been made. It just takes time.”

    While Cruise didn’t elaborate on what exactly the “stumbling blocks” keeping “Top Gun 2” in development hell were, Tony Scott’s untimely death certainly set the project back. The film had been in active development at the time of Scott’s suicide, which forced producer Jerry Bruckheimer to put it on hold. The project now seems to be moving forward, largely thanks to Cruise’s passion for the material.

    “For 30 years we’ve been trying to make a sequel and we’re not

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  • Viewers glued to their TV's for Sunday night's "Walking Dead" finale got an extra treat when a first look at those evil simians in "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" aired.

    The 30-second spot offered proof that these super scary primates are a far cry from the almost humanoid-looking apes that Charlton Heston battled in the 1968 original.

    The dominant race is comprised of true-to-life-looking chimps, gorillas, and orangutans who appear to have inhabited a very dilapidated (post apocalyptic?) San Francisco.

    They ride horses, put war paint on their face, and they have… semi automatic weapons. Yup, they're fierce.

    One thing is for sure, with their ring leader voiced by Gollum himself (Andy Serkis), the highly evolved head simian Ceasar is sure to be creepy as heck.

    But we'll have to wait to get a glimpse at his voice as this teaser raises more questions than answers. We also don't get to see (yet) the humans who are set to rise up against these nasty apes.

    With a cast that includes Gary

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  • Aging action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the box office powerhouse he once was.

    The 66-year-old’s latest film, the $35 million actioner "Sabotage," bombed hard this weekend, taking in just $5.3 million and winding up in seventh place. Despite a last-minute promotional push by Schwarzenegger, the film’s poor performance wasn’t a surprise to many. With little in the way of marketing (and no Canadian distributor at all), the David Ayer-directed action thriller had little hope of competing against high-profile offerings like “Noah” and holdovers “Divergent” and “Muppets Most Wanted.”

    “Sabotage” is the third flop in a row for the Governator (the other two being last year’s “The Last Stand” and “Escape Plan”), and yet another blow to Schwarzenegger’s once unquestionable status as box office draw.

    It wasn’t that long ago that the former Austrian bodybuilder was one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. Thanks to hits like “Conan the Barbarian,” “The Terminator,” “Total Recall,”

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  • eOne

    The third Trailer Park Boys movie, "Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It," is set for release on April 18 -- but to tide us over until then, we've got the first look at the brand new movie poster for Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles' latest adventure.

    As you can probably glean from the title, "Don't Legalize It" sees Ricky (Robb Wells) worried that the government might legalize marijuana, which would severely undercut his less-than-legal business. So, he and his buddies do the only thing they can: head to Ottawa to convince the politicians to change their minds.

    Check out the full trailer below:

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  • Watch the Vocalists Behind 'Let It Go,' in 25 Languages:

    Over the weekend, Disney's "Frozen" became the highest-grossing animated film of all time, topping $1 billion worldwide and inspiring a #CongratulationsFrozen hashtag on Twitter.

    One reason for the film's runaway success? That infectious Oscar-winning song that says it's okay to be yourself — in fact, let it go and belt it out from a snow-covered mountain top while you're at it. It's a message that has proven deeply resonant around the globe.

    The fact that the House of Mouse tailored its snowy movie for several non-English speaking audiences, dubbing it in 41 languages total, didn't hurt a thing. Indeed, fervent audiences in Japan were who pushed "Frozen" into the billion-dollar club this weekend, making it the No. 1 movie there three weekends in a row (and counting).

    This new in-studio version of "Let It Go" in 25 languages (seen here first on Yahoo Movies), offers a peek into the arduous process of dubbing the film and its

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  • Kara Warner with Mark Schlegel and Joe Manganiello (Giana Mucci, Yahoo)

    If you've ever wondered about the specific training actors receive as part of their prep for action movies, this story is you.

    For the run-up to the release of this week's gritty action thriller "Sabotage," Yahoo Movies was invited to participate in a very basic SWAT tactical training session with star Joe Manganiello and tactical expert Mark Schlegel and we jumped at the opportunity to participate. Because really, who wouldn't want to better understand the immersive training Manganiello and the rest of the cast (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Josh Holloway, Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard, and Mireille Enos) went through in order to convincingly portray an elite DEA task force?

    Our experience took place at the Counter-Terrorism Training Center, an otherwise nondescript warehouse-like structure in Compton. Upon arrival, we were introduced to trainer Schlegel, who also served as a technical advisor on Ayer's "End of Watch" and who is as imposing and authoritative-looking as he is friendly,

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  • Jon Polito and Jeff Bridges in 'The Big Lebowski.' (Everett Collection)

    Take a good look at the guy talking to the Dude in "The Big Lebowski" photo above. You know it right? But can you place it?

    Even though he's appeared in over 200 film and television projects, many of which are classics, we won't hold it against you if you can't place Jon Polito. That's just the life of a character actor.

    "I do consider myself a character actor because everything I've played has been one hell of a character," Polito told us over the phone last week while promoting his latest film, the horror anthology "Locker 13," which opens in limited release and On Demand today.

    Since we had him on the line, we also took the opportunity to chat character acting in general, and specifically about some of our favorite films (and one very important TV show).

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    This Guy on Being a That Guy

    What is a character actor?
    Jon Polito: I think a character actor, more than a leading man, is someone off to the side.

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  • 'The Searchers,' John Wayne, 1956'The Searchers,' John Wayne, 1956 (Everett Collection)Can you believe the real name of one pop culture's most prominent icons of rugged American masculinity was... 'Marion'?

    The Duke himself (another name he went by, originally belonging to his boyhood pooch) would argue that the name 'John Wayne' is just as real as the one that appeared on his birth certificate.

    The Hollywood legend didn't take his aliases lightly; each represented a different persona in the late actor's life and career, a subject explored in Scott Eyman's exhaustively researched new biography, "John Wayne: The Life and Legend."


    The man who would one day teach us that "Courage is being scared to death ... and saddling up anyway" was born Marion Robert Morrison on May 26, 1907 in Winterset, Iowa. He was a big boy, weighing in at 13-pounds, the son of Clyde Leonard Morrison and Mary 'Molly' Alberta Brown. "Marion Robert Morrison was the name he had for the first two years of his life," Eyman told Yahoo Movies during a recent phone interview. The name 'Marion' wasn't

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  • Logan Lerman in "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters." (20th Century Fox)

    While “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” is hardly in the same league as blockbuster Young Adult movie adaptations like “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” or the recently-released “Divergent,” the mythologically-themed action-adventure did manage to bring in nearly $200 million global box office dollars.

    Conventional wisdom would suggest that that would be enough clams to justify a sequel. But according to “Noah” star Logan Lerman, who played Percy Jackson in 2010’s “The Lightning Thief” and 2013’s “Sea of Monsters,” the third film in the series -- “The Titan’s Curse” -- probably won’t be happening.

    "It's been a great experience for me," Lerman recently told MTV News about his “Percy Jackson” experience. "It's opened up a lot of doors for me, but I don't think it's happening."

    The “Percy Jackson” franchise now joins the likes of "The Mortal Instruments" and "The Host" in the dustbin of recent multi-part young adult adaptations that petered out before being completed. Why did it fail?

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  • Ted Griffin, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kyle Chandler on the yacht Lady M in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’  (Photo: courtesy of Paramount)Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't the only star in "The Wolf of Wall Street." A yacht by the name of Lady M also played a key role.

    Would-be moguls can re-enact parts of the movie by chartering the luxury boat for a cool $125,000 a week.

    The Lady M rental price gets you a ship that is "fully crewed," Lara-Jo Houghting, the yacht's charter manager at Churchill Yacht Partners, told Yahoo. And with a staff of seven for a maximum number of 10 guests, that's not a bad ratio for a 147-foot superyacht.

    The A-lister of ships offers posh amenities like a Jacuzzi, a cocktail bar, and custom Italian marble flooring.

    The yacht is 147 feet long and comes with a crew of 7. (Photo: courtesy of Churchill Yacht Partners)In the movie, the luxurious boat is prominently displayed as a symbol of the obscene wealth of the infamous real-life stockbroker Jordan Belfort, played by DiCaprio. Belfort buys the ship as a gift to his second wife, and it becomes the site of over-the-top parties and a target of an FBI investigation.

    Lady M is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. "It's been global," Houghting told Yahoo,

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