Burning Oscar mysteries solved!

Mike Krumboltz
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Burning Oscar mysteries solved!

Did they really play that guy off stage with the "Jaws" theme song? Does Jamie Foxx really have a tattoo on the back of his head? Why was Kristen Stewart limping? Below, some answers to some mysteries surrounding the 85th Annual Academy Awards.

How the heck did they keep Michelle Obama under wraps?

It was done in a style similar to Bill Clinton's surprise appearance at the recent Golden Globe Awards. In that case, it was "Lincoln" director Steven Spielberg who convinced Clinton to appear and speak about his film. This time around it was Harvey Weinstein.

In a statement after the telecast, the White House didn't give up the secret, but did say: "The Academy Awards approached the first lady about being a part of the ceremony. As a movie lover, she was honored to present the award and celebrate the artists who inspire us all – especially our young people – with their passion, skill and imagination." Obama presented the award via satellite from Washington, D.C.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the execution was more top-secret than the on-screen plot in "Argo." Weinstein and his daughter hatched the plan with Oscar producers, who in turn took a secret flight to D.C. to figure out the logistics. Two envelopes were prepared, with Jack Nicholson having a backup on stage at the Dolby Theatre in case the satellite feed went down.

What's Adele's last name?

The 24-year-old English singer with the epic voice won an Academy Award for her original song "Skyfall" from the James Bond film of the same name. Her full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. You can call her Adele.

Why was Kristen Stewart limping?

The "Twilight" starlet rocked a pair of crutches on the Oscar red carpet. Why? Stewart's makeup artist Beau Nelson told People magazine that Stewart "cut the ball of her foot, quite severely on glass two days ago."

What's on the back of Jamie Foxx's head?

After Foxx and "Django Unchained" costar Kerry Washington announced the winner for Best Live Action Short film, the pair turned and left the stage, giving the television audience a brief look at the back of Foxx's noggin. Was that a tattoo or just an odd haircut? Answer: Tattoo. It's been reported that for his 40th birthday several years ago, Foxx got a tribal-style tattoo to help commemorate the occasion.

Was that the "Jaws" theme?

Yes it was. When Bill Westenhofer accepted his Oscar for Best Visual Effects for "Life of Pi," he went on a bit too long. Normally when that happens the orchestra plays some nondescript music to indicate that it's time to wrap it up. This year, the orchestra played the menacing theme to "Jaws."

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Has anyone ever tied for an Oscar before?

When "Skyfall" and "Zero Dark Thirty" tied for Best Sound Editing, many must have wondered if there has ever been a tie at the Oscars. The answer: Yep. It has happened several times before, but most famously in 1969 when Katherine Hepburn ("The Lion in Winter") and Barbra Streisand ("Funny Girl") tied for Best Actress.

Who was the young woman from "Inocente"?

The winner of the Oscar for Best Short Documentry is about a 15-year-old girl named Inocente who dreams of being an artist. As the filmmakers announced from the stage, a year ago, Inocente was a homeless girl living in San Diego. Today, she's the subject of an Oscar-winning film that was funded via Kickstarter.

How many times has Jack Nicholson presented the Oscar for Best Picture?

A lot. This marked the eighth time Nicholson had the honor to present (or co-present) the Academy Award for Best Picture, according to OscarWorld.net. He last did so in 2006 along with "Something's Gotta Give" costar Diane Keaton.