Celebratory ‘Guilt Trip’ promo accidently goes live, but Streisand wasn’t nominated

Meriah Doty
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Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand in 'The Guilt Trip'

One overzealous worker at Paramount may be in hot water today. As studios often do, they prepare promos for their own films that they think will get nominated, adorning video spots with lists of the nominations their film just garnered.

Apparently there had been high hopes "The Guilt Trip," starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen, would get Babs a Golden Globe nom. Paramount's post-Globes announcement promo spot went live on You Tube last night -- before the noms were even announced -- praising Streisand for her nod, according to Deadline. (The video has since been removed.)

The catch is, Streisand wasn't nominated.

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In response, Paramount pulled the video and issued this statement: "Given Barbra's incredible performance in the film, there was certainly every hope in our mind that she would be duly recognized this morning. Like all studios, we create many advertising spots in advance of the key award nomination announcements so we are prepared in the event of a nomination. One such spot was inadvertently posted online and immediately taken down."

A noted perfectionist, this gaffe could very well be driving Streisand nuts this very moment -- if she knows about it yet. To Streisand's credit, she told Oprah Winfrey a few years back that her perfectionism has softened greatly over the years. Still, she admitted to wielding a lot of control over the making of "The Guilt Trip" when it came to shooting locations. While the film revolves around a cross-country road trip, it was all shot within 45 minutes of Streisand's Malibu home. "I made it very hard for them to hire me," the 70-year-old singer-actress said during a recent Q&A about the film.

Streisand and Rogen recently spoke with Yahoo! Movies about their onscreen chemistry -- not to mention an unforgettable steak-eating contest scene featuring a voracious Streisand. "Soon as we closed the doors on that car... it was just great. I could touch and move [strokes Rogen's hair] and feed him." To that Rogen joked, "And I could swat her away like she's my actual mother... it felt very organic."

The steak scene in which Streisand depicts chowing down a massive meal for several minutes in order to win a free meal and a t-shirt was a difficult one. How did she get through it? "Very uncomfortably," she said. "I had to eat a lot of it. We came up with some substitute things at points, but when the camera is at all close, you have to eat the meat." Rogen chimed in, "She ate a lot of meat. I was amazed by it actually."

"It was disgusting because I don't love steak," Streisand said, admitting she had a pail beneath her, out of shot, she could spit food into.  "I've seen Barbra Streisand spit steak out of her mouth into a bucket," Rogen specified with a hearty chuckle.

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