Blizzard Is Creating its First New Game Franchise Since 2016's 'Overwatch'

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Despite a turbulent year for the company, Blizzard is now finally creating its first new game universe/franchise in six years.

The new game was revealed in a recent hiring ad for the developer, which calls for artists, designers, and engineers. While specific details revolving around the title remain scarce at the moment, Blizzard does share that it'll be a survival game with its very own original universe, marking the first since the company introduced Overwatch back in 2016. The pitch also states that the game will be ported for both PC and consoles, although with Microsoft's new acquisition of Blizzard, it's yet to be seen whether the firm's games will become Xbox exclusives or still have a presence on the PlayStation.

"Once upon a time this dream project was [a] humble pitch deck on my desktop," tweeted the game's project lead Craig Amai. "Now it's a team full of caring and passionate people sharing a vision I couldn't be prouder to be part of."

For those interested, definitely stay tuned for more updates to come.

Elsewhere in gaming, Crytek has announced the fourth installment to Crysis.

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