Blind and deaf dog has sweet reaction to owner ‘testing’ his senses: ‘Bless his heart’

A pet owner tested her dog’s senses in a very sweet video.

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TikToker @blackwings_wolf‘s cocker spaniel Jasper has been going blind since he was 3 years old and only recently began to lose his hearing. Nevertheless, she says her dog is happy and healthy and that he only gets “disoriented” after a nap or when he’s excited.

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She wanted to see how well Jasper was adapting to his new state, so she specifically engaged with him when he had just woken up.

“Jasper is blind and going deaf. He’s just woken up from a nap and is a bit disoriented,” the video text stated.

The pet owner had just come home from work, but Jasper didn’t realize she was present. To test his senses, instead of getting the dog’s attention, she waited until he found her.

Unfortunately, Jasper was struggling. It took him a little while to figure out she was home. The dog sniffed around, frantically sensing “something is different,” but he wasn’t sure what.

Jasper figured out she was home when he smelled some of her clothes on the ground. He started to wag his tail excitedly. In order to get his attention, she whistled, which is one of the only sounds audible to him.

“The answer is not great,” she said of the test results in the caption.

“It’s the fact he got so close to my feet and still didn’t realize. I felt for sure he was going to walk into my leg,” she added in the comments.

But she explained that everyday life isn’t so difficult for Jasper. She and her partner rarely leave the dog alone at home. They never move the furniture, so he has his home “mind-mapped” along with his walking routes.

“We take him everywhere we can if we need to go out. He loves exploring beaches — he gets serious zoomies!” she said.

TikTokers sent their love to Jasper, and the video was viewed over 700,000 times.

“Oh bless his heart,” a user wrote.

“He’s a cutie. My dog is deaf as well, and our Pom is blind. We have a house of special babies,” another said.

“He’s prob disoriented cause he’s not deaf or blind in his dreams, I reckon,” a TikToker said.

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