I Bleached, Dyed, and Laminated My Brows to Their Breaking Point, but This Growth Serum Restored Them

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It's from the haircare brand Jennifer Garner uses.



I bleached my own eyebrows in October. It was an act of commitment to my Halloween costume (the Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka) that simultaneously satisfied a deep curiosity to try the invisible brow trend I’d admired on Bella Hadid. In the months before bleaching, and even after dyeing my brows back to their naturally chocolate hue, I also laminated my arches using chemical kits I purchased online.

Naturally, my reckless notions eventually rendered my once-bushy brows lackluster — they became sparser than they’d ever been. Earlier this year, I paused on lamination, but it wasn’t until I began using the Virtue Flourish Brow Density Booster that I noticed significant improvement in my brow health. After using the newly-launched serum for a few months (the brand sent me an advanced sample), my arches look and feel the healthiest they’ve been since I began my various chemical experiments.



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Hailing from the haircare brand used by Jennifer Garner and Emilia Clarke (who once told me in an interview that Virtue products healed her bleach-damaged strands after Game of Thrones), the Virtue Flourish Brow Density Booster is a nutrient-packed, lightweight liquid serum designed to strengthen, thicken, and restore brow health. Truthfully, I hadn’t given brow serums much thought prior to trying Virtue’s because I’d never needed one. Even when I started using the product, I was skeptical of its promises: per the brand, the serum’s results provide “fuller, lusher, healthier brows” and fewer uneven patches.

I should’ve known to trust the claims given its strand-strengthening and growth-stimulating formula backed by science. Specifically, the serum is spiked with peptides and plant extracts that stimulate hair growth, including pea sprout extract — which, as one study notes, “has been shown to improve hair density when applied topically.” The serum also contains Virtue’s proprietary protein complex, which is present in many of its lauded hair growth products.

Applying Virtue’s brow serum couldn’t be any easier. Housed in a small tube with a soft, flexible brush, the product has a thin, gel-like consistency that’s drip-free; simply swipe it over clean brows once per day prior to bed. You should see results within eight weeks of use, per the brand — and my personal experience reflects this timeline.

Given the product’s newness, reviews are still relatively sparse, yet the few shoppers who have dabbled with it are already impressed. One reviewer said they’re “starting to see more brow hair coming in,” while another, who had “been struggling with the volume of [their] brows ever since overplucking them in middle school,” noticed their “brow hairs have started to look a lot thicker.” Yet another shopper who used the serum for two weeks said they’re “already seeing more growth.”

For fuller, healthier, and shinier arches, shop the Virtue Flourish Brow Density Booster. Of all the brow treatments I’ve tried, it’s definitely the only solution I’ll be relying on for the foreseeable future (until the next brow trend gets the best of me, that is).

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