Blake Shelton uses Gwen Stefani to win over 'Voice' contestant: 'She's delivering twins right now!'

The blind auditions continued on The Voice Monday night with 37-year-old reggae singer Pia Renee, whom Blake Shelton hilariously thought he had a shot at.

Both Blake and John Legend hit their buttons at the very end of the audition, with John just seconds behind Blake, which made for a very entertaining fight. Even though it seemed like an obvious choice to everyone else, Blake really did put up a good fight. He did so using his fiancée, Gwen Stefani, which seriously could have started rumors about his upcoming wedding date.

“To say that I don’t know anything about the kind of music [Pia] is performing would disqualify the fact that, who knows, by the time this airs, Gwen Stefani could even be my wife by then!” blurted Blake. “She’s delivering twins right now! She’s pushing them out! But I’m here, working.”

“Breaking news!” quipped coach John Legend, who then pointed out, “Gwen is great… but Blake is not Gwen.”

In the end, Pia chose Team Legend, but Twitter still thought the whole attempt on Blake's part was hilarious, and so did Kelly Clarkson, who joked, "Blake trying to use the reggae-ska card was maybe the saddest display ever. Still waiting on that reggae hit from Shelton!"