Black and Latina exotic dancers going on strike in NYC and it won't be just over money

Exotic dancer Gizelle Marie has been serving as de facto spokesperson for an ongoing strike and dispute between black and Latina dancers, bartenders, and club management in NYC, claiming unfair treatment. (Photo: Instagram)

Dancers in strip clubs across New York City are planning to go on strike after alleged widespread abuse of their tips and, in some cases, even racism against black and Latina dancers.

The feud seems to cut three ways between dancers, bartenders, and management. The dancers allege that the bartenders, who are not strippers but may wear revealing outfits, will steal money from the dancers on stage.

In this video clip we can clearly see a bartender sweeping bills meant for the dancer onto the floor of the bar.

What’s more is that apparently bartenders don’t have to pay a portion of their take to management, a practice called “tipping the house,” the way dancers and DJs are expected to.

The strike’s de facto leader, Gizelle Marie, is a local dancer organizing her erotic colleagues in an effort to air grievances with management at strip clubs across the five boroughs of New York City. And it’s not just about the stolen tips.

Allegations of racism against black and Latina dancers have been rumbling on social media. “There are barely any dark skin bartenders or waitresses who get work or is promoted,” writes Nikita Maxx, another dancer.

Marie organized a meeting earlier this week at the Poletic Justice pole-dancing and fitness studio in the Bronx.

“The codes of conduct in the New York City [clubs] has been breached,” she posted. “What the dancers are fighting for [is] their respect and the strip club culture in NYC.”

Rapper Cardi B — a former dancer herself — sat down with Vlad TV for an interview to discuss the problem at length. “Have you ever been to a strip club in New York? It’s kinda sad … The bartenders are the new thing right now and if you notice they don’t even hire black bartenders in NYC strip clubs, which is sad. I feel like people have this fetish with these girls they consider ‘exotic’,” she said.

DJ KaySlay joined the conversation on social media as well to share his thoughts, saying: “

“I see the ladies beefing in NY Now, Dancers vs the Bartenders. Smh… We all have to just face the fact that it’s a new day, It was a time where bartenders were only allowed to serve drinks and didn’t wear the same attire as the dancers.”

Further deepening the dispute is the fact that the situation appears to be entirely in the control of management — the effect of which is pitting women against women in a workplace, an seemingly lose-lose situation for all, unless a compromise is reached.

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