'Black-ish' creates 'Hamilton'-inspired musical to celebrate emancipation and Juneteenth

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

A Hamilton-inspired Black-ish suggested it would be better to replace the increasingly maligned Columbus Day with a new national holiday on June 19, Juneteenth.

June 19, 1865, marked the freeing of slaves in the U.S. And while African-Americans did not receive all the freedoms of white men, June 19 stands a symbol of when they were no longer owned.

With the backdrop of a 19th-century period-piece musical, the cast performed songs with celebratory lyrics such as “I’m-a start a business. I’m-a get a loan. I’m-a move to the ‘burbs and buy me a home. I’m-a take a vacation, and when I’m gone they won’t burn crosses on my lawn. I can sit at the counter and rub elbows and I won’t get sprayed with a fire hose.”

Considering the emancipation of slaves was an incredibly important event in U.S. history, perhaps it isn’t that far-fetched of an idea that Black-ish proposed.

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