'Black-ish' creates 'Hamilton' inspired musical to celebrate emancipation and Juneteenth

A Hamilton, the musical, inspired Black-ish thought it would be better to replace the growingly maligned Columbus Day with a new national holiday on June 19, Juneteenth.

June 19, 1865 marked the freeing of slaves in the U.S. And while African Americans did not receive all the freedoms of white men, June 19 stands a symbol of when they were no longer owned.

With the backdrop of a period piece musical, the cast performed songs with celebratory lyrics such as, "I'm-a start a business. I'm-a get a loan. I'm-a move to the 'burbs and buy me a home. I'm-a take a vacation, and when I'm gone they won't burn crosses on my lawn. I can sit at the counter and rub elbows and I won't get sprayed with a fire hose."

Considering the emancipation of slaves was an incredibly important event in U.S. history while Columbus never visited the physical country, perhaps it isn't that far fetched of an idea that Black-ish