Blac Chyna Claims Tyga Changed Son King's School Without Her Knowledge and 'Diminished' Her Role as His Mom

"He is very hands-on as a dad," a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE of Tyga, who welcomed son King with Chyna in 2012

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Tyga and King (L), Blac Chyna (R)
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Tyga and King (L), Blac Chyna (R)

Blac Chyna is asking the courts to help her regain equal time with son King Cairo.

Custody and visitation of the 10½-year-old son of the model mom (born Angela White) and ex Tyga (born Michael Stevenson) is at the center of an ongoing legal battle between the two.

In new documents obtained by PEOPLE, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Monday, Chyna, 35, lays significant allegations against Tyga, 33, when it comes to issues in their co-parenting relationship.

The paperwork reiterates Chyna's request for 50/50 physical and legal custody of King, as well as for Tyga to handle legal fees related to the matter. After explaining the former couple's backstory and noting they previously began the process of creating a formal custody order in 2014 — with them later "informally agreeing" to work things out outside of the legal system and the matter ultimately being dismissed in 2019 — Chyna claimed this isn't the first time she's felt that Tyga has "tried to interfere" with her relationship with King.

Chyna and Tyga agreed to her having King on the weekdays and him on the weekends, and she claims, "This schedule was maintained by Respondent and I until such time that I gave birth to my second child from a different relationship, Dream, in November of 2016."

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Blac Chyna/Instagram Blac Chyna with daughter Dream and son King
Blac Chyna/Instagram Blac Chyna with daughter Dream and son King

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In her Monday filing, Chyna explains that due to issues between herself and daughter Dream's father, Rob Kardashian, she felt it was in King's "best interest" for the schedule to temporarily change.

"Dream’s father and I separated three (3) months after she was born. Immediately upon my separation from Dream’s father, I was involved in multiple lawsuits involving Dream’s father and his family members. The ongoing litigation drained me and demanded a lot of my time and energy," the documents read.

"I was highly exposed to the ridicule of the media, and I was responding to legal pleadings, discovery, and emails daily. I thought about King’s best interest and wellbeing. I put King’s needs first and for this reason I requested that Respondent and I switch schedules," she continued. "Respondent agreed. Again, informally and without Court Order, it was agreed that my custodial time with King would be Friday through Monday. My understanding of our arrangement was that it would only be temporary."

But a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE, “She has a direct line of communication to King and can reach him any time. Tyga has paid for everything, from school to medical bills and for his everyday livelihood. He is very hands-on as a dad. She knows where Tyga lives."

“She wants 50/50 custody so she can file for child support," insists the source.

In the time that followed, Chyna says the two "got along for the most part and were able to effectively communicate about King," but alleges the situation changed in mid-2019 when Tyga "suddenly cut off all direct communication" with her.

"To this day I am not sure what triggered Respondent and what happened that resulted in his refusal to communicate with me within normal channels. I was no longer able to directly communicate with Respondent via text message or email; and he would not disclose his home address, where King resided, to me either," Chyna claims in the document, saying that she still does not know the Bel Air address King calls home on his father's time.

While the custody schedule "remained the same," she began communicating through Tyga's mother, Pasionaye Nguyen. Soon after the change, she claims Tyga "began to keep King during my weekends, with no communication, having no regard for my parenting time."

"I was left completely in the dark as to where King lived, what Respondent’s contact information was, or what was happening in King’s life," she shared.

<p>Blac Chyna/Snapchat</p> Blac Chyna and a toddler King

Blac Chyna/Snapchat

Blac Chyna and a toddler King

Chyna claims that the schedule continued on this way until 2020, when she asked that King's schedule would be modified so that it was parallel to Dream's, allowing both children to spend Saturday to Wednesday each week together. After initially declining, Chyna says Tyga then agreed to the schedule on a temporary basis.

"Respondent’s absolute disregard for me as King’s Mother did not end," Chyna notes in the filing. "He continued to interfere with my time with King, with little to no communication," going on to cite incidents and provide screenshots from such situations.

"I have finally found the courage to ask the Court for the most basic legal and physical custody orders. This has simply gone on too long and my role as King’s mother continues to be diminished," Chyna asserts, adding, "That is in no way in the best interest of our son."

Rich Fury/Getty Tyga and King
Rich Fury/Getty Tyga and King

Chyna alleges that Tyga has not shared crucial information with her, from King's eyeglass prescription to her speculation that he has changed King's school without informing her.

"As the Spring 2023 semester started, I stopped receiving all communications from the school. I have reason to believe that Respondent has now enrolled King into a new school and has refused to give me the information and failed to give the school my information," documents claim, with Chyna noting she's contacted the school she believes her son attends, but the administration is "evasive" and chooses not to get involved.

Noting that Tyga would allegedly allow King to be "in the care" of third parties, such as nannies, friends and family, instead of returning him to Chyna for her time, she claims, "Respondent has taken this matter into his own hands with no awareness of the damage he is causing our son. My parenting time continues to be minimized and Respondent faces no repercussions for his actions."

Blac Chyna/Instagram Blac Chyna and Tyga's son King Cairo
Blac Chyna/Instagram Blac Chyna and Tyga's son King Cairo

Chyna shares that her hope is the court can keep Tyga from what she claims is "interfering" and "dictating my parenting time."

"I am seeking Court orders so that I am not begging Respondent or his mother for time with our son. I have made multiple attempts to request additional time with King, but at the direction of Respondent, his mother PJ will either ignore my requests or reply that the schedule will not change," she adds. "For this reason, I am urging the Court to establish custodial orders so that I can begin to have frequent and continuing contact with our son and so that I am provided equal access in the decision-making process as it relates to his health, safety, and welfare."

Chyna also claims that "King has expressed that he wants to have more time with me and his sister. It is important to me that King and Dream get the chance to create beautiful memories as siblings. They are very close to each other and love each other very much."

Claiming that Tyga has changed them to a "parallel parenting structure" without her consent, she also asked the court to require that they communicate via the OurFamilyWizard app, to be checked by each parent "every twenty-four (24) hours," as well as an "exchange of our current contact information which shall be used for emergency purposes only," with the requirement the information is also shared for any "third-party caretakers who are watching our son."

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